Monday, December 31, 2007

12/31/07 Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

It is time for the look back at the past year and look forward to the new one!!

I have set the comments to moderated since the spammers have found me!!! ;-( So if you comment and it doesn't show up immediately, that is why. I hate that I have to do that, but don't want all the junk that is showing up. I made it a year without any spam, now it is a daily thing.

I have spent the last two days UNdecorating for Christmas. I have it all done, except the vacuuming and floor cleaning, but it was pouring down rain yesterday, and with 3 dogs, a doggie door, and rain, that would have been wasted effort yesterday. Maybe today. My calf muscles are so sore I can hardly walk. Must be from standing on my toes undecorating (since I am vertically challenged).

Anyway, report on 2007!!

Family is all ending the year in reasonably good shape. As my Father says "He is in good shape, for the shape he is in!!"

WEIGHTLOSS/EXERCISE: Need to get back on the wagon for eating and exercise. I have been very slack since Thanksgiving. I seem to think this is a "free" time of year!!! Luckily, I haven't gained any weight. I am at the point after my gastric bypass surgery, that most people start to gain some of their weight back. I don't want to be "most people", so have to really get to work. No more excuses.

FIBER DIET: I started the year on a Fiber Diet (no yarn or fabric). I did well for about 6 months, then all hell broke loose and I made up for lost time. I am going to try this again this year, but with some changes. I am going to try to award myself with $1 per day, for everyday I DON'T by fiber. I may spend this accumulated funding on fiber. That way I can still spend, but it is limited. Let's see how this works. I have really reached SABLE (stash beyond life expectancy) for both fabric and yarn.

QUILTING: Haven't done as much quilting in 2007. I did:
Piece two quicky quilt tops
Hand appliqued 2 1/2 blocks of the Expressions of Morris quilt
Made 80-blocks for Dear Jane.
Guess that really isn't bad. For 2008, I am going to continue on Morris and DJ, also am resurrecting Nature's Chorus and work on that. There is also a Ship quilt over on Quakertown Quilts, that is calling my name!!!! We will see, see earlier comment about Fiber Diet, but a pattern isn't fiber, right??? See I am already justifying my purchases!! All in ONE post.

KNITTING/CROCHETING: Have spent a lot of time in this category!!!
2007 Statitics:
10 Sweaters
8 Pairs of Socks
1 Scarf
2 Skirts
4 Shawls
1 Pair of gloves
7 projects remaining unfinished!!! Need to get this number down, but that are still all active!!

TRAVEL: I averaged at least one trip per month all year. It was great. I may stay home a little more this year. Who knows!?!?! My puppies like me home. They turn into velcro when I am gone as much as I have been gone this year.

READING: Didn't track the number of books I read, maybe I will do that for 2008. But I read a fair amount.
Hope everyone had a good a year as I did.

Happy 2008!!!
Chat later

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Today is my one year blogaversity. I didn't know that, I just happened to look and see how many times I had posted this year and discovered that today is the day. I have posted 57 times. So T. that is over once a week on average, which is what my initial plan was.

I finished my Halloween socks. Isn't December 15th a good time to finish my Halloween socks? They are Lorna's Laces, just a 3-1 rib that continues down the foot top and bottom. I like the wide rib on the bottom. It makes the socks fit snugly but isn't enough to cause discomfort.

I started a pair of toe up 3-1 ribs for my purse socks. And Autumn Rose for my at home, have time to concentrate project, now I need an at home mind-less project. Autumn Rose needs a lot of attention. (

I have been to New York City. This was a very nice trip. I really don't like NYC, but the Christmas decorations are gorgeous. We saw the Rockettes Christmas Show, this is almost worth the trip by itself. It was awesome!! Also, Hairspray. It was hysterical. Much better than the movie!!! We did a little shopping in the Diamond District, if it passes its appraisal we will talk about that later. And went to Chinatown and went to the secret back room to buy the designer purse knockoffs for $30 or less. Thought I was going to have to buy another suitcase to get home, but I made it.

Then, 30 hours after getting home, I left for Washington, DC. Toured the White House with the Christmas decorations. They are gorgeous. Looked out the window while in the Blue Room and saw the President playing ball with Miss Beasley. Of course, since I like dogs better than people, I was more excited by Miss Beasley. The Secret Service guy said the Barney was upstairs sleep!!! So I didn't get to see him. We toured a lot of the monuments and some of the Smithsonian. It was a fun weekend.

Between the two trips, I have walked about 1,000 miles. But at least I can do it. Two years ago I couldn't. I had my Gastric Bypass Surgery on December 13th. I have lost 125 lbs and have stayed fairly stable there. It is one of the best things I have ever done. I would never have been able to do that much walking.

Carried my book on both trips with me. Never read a page. I haven't finished a book in months. I need to get back to my reading.

Still have to wrap packages and do some cooking. Not to mention FINISH some Christmas presents. Friday I am taking my Mother to visit her sister in North Carolina. Just for the day. Hopefully I can get the Christmas stuff finished before I go, except for the cooking. I would like to have the weekend to enjoy, not have to work myself to death right up to the big event.

Of course, we have to have the cute dog picture.

This is the boy's napping in the chair. Chelsea was still upstairs in bed. She requires more sleep than the boys.

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Chat later

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I just finished going through my Bloglines. Enjoying all the snow pictures. I want us to have some snow. Preferably enough that everyone gets to stay home from work and school to play in it. I don't want folks in danger on the streets. We haven't had a decent snow in several years. What better day then one with it snowing like crazy outside, a fire in the fireplace and your knitting/quilting/good book (pick your favorite vice) in your hands?

Trying to start packing for NYC. It is tough. We are limited to one suitcase and one carryon. Of course we have like 18 hours on the bus between the there and back. So I need some entertainment, but it has to be small. I hope to sleep on the way up, since we leave at midnight. But on they way home we leave at like 3PM, so I will need lots of entertainment. Notice I don't think clothes are an issue, just entertainment!!! Have to have knitting, a book, the iPod.....

Chat later.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Back from Applique by the Bay in Lewes, DE. Had a ball again this year. It is so relaxing and fun. Three of us left at 8AM on Wedsnesday. Drove to Bethany Beach, DE where we stopped at Sea Needles. Jam packed shop with knitting, cross stitch and needlepoint. Of course there was some stash enhancement!!!

Then lunch at the Cottage Cafe in Bethany. Second year we have stopped there. Really good food.

Then to Knitty Gritty in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Small but very nice shop. More stash enhancement ensued. I drop in once a year and the owner recognizes me. She even recognized me on the street a couple of days later in Lewes!!! That's impressive. Not like I am one of her regular customers.

Then to Mare's Bears to check in and get ready for a weekend of applique. The motel is closed so the quilters are the only ones there. We sit around in our jammies at night and stitch or knit. Of course, there are several fabulous restaurants within walking distance. What more can you ask for.

Thursday I took a one day class from Nancy Kerns. She is big into Baltimore Album quilts. I enjoyed her talking about the history of the quilts a great deal. I found her applique method to be somewhat cumbersome, but still enjoyed the class. I won't finish the block from that class, but I knew that going in. I took it for the technique, the pattern is to old fashioned for me. I like more modern designs.

Thursday night is the Holiday Open House for the merchants on Second Street. It is so much fun. All the shops are open, serving refreshments, singing in the street. I look forward to it each year.

Friday through Sunday, I took the orchid class (picture above) from Jane Townewick. I have taken classes from her the last 5 years. I just love her designs and methods. Don't be too impressed. The pieces of the flowers are pinned down, not appliqued. I am trying to decide whether I want to leave it on the dark background or put it on a light one.

Saturday night was the Holiday parade. Great small town parade. Had so much fun watching it. Hope nothing bad happened in town while the parade was on, because I think all the emergency response vehicles were in the parade.

Already looking forward to next years Applique by the Bay.

Now I am home getting unpacked and clothes washed so I can I can pack for New York. I leave Sunday at midnight, on a bus. Hope I can get some sleep on the way. It will be fun once we get there, but I am dreading the bus ride. We have tickets to Radio City Rockettes and Hairspray. Now that the strike is over, we will get to see them both. Need to get a pair of basic plain socks started to knit on the bus in case I can't sleep.

I have cancelled/let run out most of my sock of the months in hope of using up some of the yarn. I bet I haven't used 5% of the yarn I have gotten this year from these som's. I just love getting the squishy packages!!!

I am also working on the cross-stitch Christmas ornaments for my nephews, but can't post a picture in case they have found my blog.

Not getting much reading done. I do more in a week at the beach than I do in six months at home. I now have a porch swing at home, but don't have the correct weather right now. Will enjoy it in the Spring.

Boy dogs really know how to get comfortable!!! The girl dog is still upstairs in bed, so don't think she is not comfortable too. She has to sleep late. She usually has breakfast about noon. Life is tough when you are a Princess.

Chat later

Monday, November 26, 2007


Less than a month left until Christmas. Luckily most of my shopping is done, all of my decorating is done. I have one more planned entertaining event to go. But travel is a big deal between now and Christmas.

Tomorrow my applique group is meeting at my house. Have to have the kitchen table clear for stitching (light is better there than the dining room table), then the dining room table clear for lunch.

Wednesday I leave for Delaware to go to Mare's Bears for Applique by the Bay. I think this is the 5th year I have been. It is a ball. The motel where we stay is closed, so the appliquers are the only ones there. We hang around at night in our jammies and knit and stitch. Classes all day. It is just about a city block from downtown Lewes and they have a great holiday street party the Thursday night. It will be loads of fun. I get back on Sunday.

Next Sunday I leave for NYC. Seeing the Rockettes and hopefully Hairspray (depends on the strike), but if we don't get to go to the show, that is another $100 I can use to shop!!! Get back Wednesday at midnight.

Nephews have their first band concert, one plays sax, the other drums. I use "play" loosely. They are taking it in school, just started this year. This is Thursday night.

Friday morning we leave to go to DC. We get to see the White House decorated for Christmas. I am so excited about this. It is really a once in a lifetime thing. We plan to spend the weekend in DC and maybe the aquarium in Baltimore. Then back home.

After that, I get to stay home, maybe, until Christmas!!!

Karen, thanks for your comments. Glad to know I am not the only one that is rebelling against the decorating thing. My house does look nice now. I have gotten over the overworked funk from having to put it all up. You didn't leave your blog address, so I can't check your's out.

Well off to pack and get ready for guest. I'll report on my trips later. I am trying to make these trips computer-less. This will be a challenge. I have a major e-mail addiction. Let's see how I do after five days without!!!

Chat later

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I was informed by a friend the other day that I needed to post to my blog!!! We proceeded to discuss how boring my life was. I could report that I have on my blue sweatpants instead of my black ones today!!! Over the last couple of weeks, I have decorated for Christmas. This is craziness. I have enough decorations to do 3 complete 7+ foot trees. This year I only put up the 10 foot one and a 3 foot one. I didn't do the 8 foot. I have several HUNDRED Santas. I have to completely UNdecorate before I can decorate. All of this so my family can come have Thanksgiving dinner with me. Rave about the decorations for a couple of hours and go home. The rest of the holidays I will pretty much be out of town. Then I take them down!!! Ok, so that is pretty Bah Humbug, but it is true!!!

I have also made 106 DOZEN cookies. Now, mind you, I have had gastric bypass surgery and CAN'T EAT SUGAR!!!! So I spend the rest of the holidays giving cookies away, but I get to fulfill the need to bake at Christmas. Everyone around me will need surgery by the time I pass out all these cookies!!!

Christmas shopping is pretty much done except my sister. We are going to NYC for 3 days in December, so I am hoping to get her something there.

I have finished a pair of socks. Crosshatch from More Sensational Socks, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Now I am working on the cross stitch Christmas ornaments for my nephews. I have done them for them every Christmas so far. I usually am working on them Christmas Eve to get them finished. I hope to be a little earlier this year.

I finished the Jane Austin Book Club. It is a good quick read, but not one of the best books I have ever read. Now I am reading New Moon, which is the sequal to Twilight. Fun books, vampire romance written for young adults (just my speed)!!!

Now it is off to do the final grocery shopping for Turkey day. Then housecleaning. Tomorrow is cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving
Is that better T???

Chat later

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Happy November Everyone!!! Another month behind us. Shopping days before Christmas dwindling FAST!!! I haven't even made a list yet!!!

Here is 2/3rd's of Modern Quilt Wrap from Knit in KidSilk Haze. If that isn't addictive, nothing is. I am using 10 colors, the pattern only calls for 9. I changed the colors and there were 10 I liked, so went with it.

I messed up my back last week. Happens periodically, but not often thankfully. Anyway, haven't been doing anything around the house, so I have been working on Dear Jane. Here are another 22 blocks. I have 81.5 made now. There are 169 in the body of the quilt and then something like 40 in the border.
Was doing very well getting back on track with my exercising, but the back issue put a stop to that. Haven't done anything since last Thursday!!! Now I have to start over again. I hope Monday to restart AGAIN!!!
I am reading The Jane Austen Book Club. Book is good, not sure how it is going to translate into a movie, but we'll see.
Chat Later

Monday, October 22, 2007


NOTE: Sorry the pictures are screwed up. I tried to edit and get them right and the more I work the more screwed up they get!!! So I quit. You can tell a sweater from a sock, just PRETEND they are in the right place.

I am finally back. I feel like life may be calming down a little. Until the next stupid thing happens at my house. They never seem to end.

Just got back from a great week at Kill Devil Hills, NC. Weather was great. A little cool with a breeze, plenty of sunshine (but we need rain, badly). Spent a lot of time in the swing on the front porch. It is my favorite reading and knitting spot. Can hang there for hours!!! Read 3 books. Jack Cafferty's "It's Getting Ugly Out There". Funny review of the country's political situation. If you have ever watched him on CNN, this book is written exactly the way he talks. I really enjoyed it. Don't agree with everything he said, but he doesn't hold anything back. "Jonathan's Story" this is a side story to what is going on in the soap, Guiding Light. Light, escapist reading. Ok, not great. And finally, and the best of all. "Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair". Whether you are married, divorce, single, a knitter, non-knitter or what, this book is hysterical. She has a blog CrazyAuntPurl that I have been reading for over a year. Her book is great. Makes you think about what is going on in your own life.

I got two blocks almost done on my Impressions of Morris quilt. Once I get the embroidery done, I'll post some pictures. This is making me want to applique again.

I finally got the dreaded bathroom mirror picture of Fifi posted. My DH flew off to Hawaii this morning so he wasn't available to act as photographer. I really love the pattern and the Calmer yarn I used. Am actively looking for another project to use Calmer. I added sleeves to this pattern. It is written to have cap sleeves only.

I finished my Tofutsie socks. They are a simple 3-1 rib top down sock. Love they why the knitted fabric feels, but the yarn is very splitty while knitting.

Mother and Daddy are both doing well at the moment. Mother went to the boy's ballgame on Saturday, the only one she has been to all season. She also drove the first time since surgery bagan this week. That also went well. Thanks to everyone who has posted comments and sent me e-mails wishing them well.

I have decided to not renew my subscription to Socks That Rock and Sundara's clubs. They have just gotten way too expensive. I will just order some yarn when I want to instead of getting is shipped automatically. Still love both yarns, just not willing to pay the price they are asking.

I have started the Modern Quilt Wrap from It is fun to work on. It weighs NOTHING. I am used the KidSilk Haze the pattern calls for, but changed the colors. I'll post a picture a little later.

Today was the first day of the "back on track" exercise program. With all the surgeries and associated dr appts, I haven't been doing very well. I have to get it done first thing in the morning or it doesn't happen. Since my parent's think if they can't have the first dr appt in the morning it ruins the whole day, it messes up my exercising quite a bit, but starting today, I AM DOING BETTER.

Now for a few cute, puppies picture, just because.

Chad likes to sleep under the kitchen table. Not sure why, but that is his favorite spot.

Chelsea is peeking around the corner between the den and the kitchin. She is ready to attack if anyone trys to get the Milkbone behind her. She doesn't eat them, just guards them. One of the boy's will get it a little later and eat it. She will growl and show her teeth, but let them walk up and pick it up.

Mack says he is just cute and that is all that he has to do. He can raise all the cain he wants, because , by golly, I AM CUTE. If you have any questions about he views on life, they all revolve around being CUTE.

Chat later


Friday, October 5, 2007


Just a quick drop in to let you know that my Mother came through her second surgery well. She is basically cut from the back of one arm across the front to the back of the other arm. She looks like you could just lift off the top of her body. He had to reopen the first incision because of a bit of infection. So she doesn't have a "good side" this time. But is holding up well.

Daddy is doing better. Still has to watch everything he eats. But improvement is good.

Thanks to all for your well wishes in the comments.

Hopefully things will settle down soon, and I can be more regular blogging. I have gotten to get a fair bit of sock knitting down, sitting at the hospital and at my Mother's.

Chat later

Monday, October 1, 2007


How do the die hard bloggers make time to blog everyday. I haven't even managed to get a post done in over a month. I missed September completely!!!!

My mother's surgery went very well. The second mastectomy is Weds of this week. Hopefully this one will go as well. My father as gastritus so can't eat hardly anything. Old age is just hell!!!

I just got back from 12 days at Kill Devil Hills, NC. It was great. Weather was cool and breezy. I read several books, appliqued and knitted. It was heaven. I was ready to come back home and see DH and puppies. But will be going back soon.

I have gotten a ton of sock yarn recently. I have pictures.

This one is Tsock Tsarina the kit is the bottom one, the top bag is a free gift!!!! Love the unique sock designs they have.

The one to the left is Zen Garden. One the right is WoolGirl. This is Woolgirls first shipment. That club is great. Not only is the yarn AWESOME, but the pattern is good. The extras were wonderful too. We got a "sock journal" note book, chocolate mint lipgloss, and a stitch marker. Can't wait for the next shipment.

Left is Spunky Eclectic. Love her stuff!! And of course the one on the right is Socks That Rock!! Need I say more about that one?

So now I have some serious sock knitting to do. Hopefully there will be some time sitting in the waiting room for my Mother tomorrow.

I finished reading "Critical" while I was sitting in the porch swing at the beach. It is very good. medical mystery. Good read, although it does have a lot of medical mumbo jumbo in to. I read "Twilight" (by Stephenie Meyer), this is the book they say is the new Harry Potter. It was very good. A teenage girl moves to a new town to find that the high school has a family of vampires!!! I have always had a thing about vampires!! So it fits right in. I started Jack Cafferty's "It's Getting Ugly Out There". It is written exactly like he talks on his show on CNN. Haven't finished it yet, but am enjoying it. I have ordered the other two books in the series with Twilight. I think they will be my next read.

I appliqued the center square of a new quilt. Impressions of Morris. I would have finished it but decided I wanted to change some of the fabrics, so needed to stop and go through the stash, that was, of course, at home.

I knit Mix and Match shawl. It was fun. Just Knit 3 rows, purl one. I used 5 different yarns and changed yarns every 2-4 rows. It was good and mindless.

I am working on FiFi, from French Girl Patterns. I had it ready to bind off the bottom, tried it on. I had miss-counted. The cable that is supposed to go down the center was over one boob!!! ;-( So I frogged it all and started over. I am almost finished with the body again!!! I am putting longer sleeves on mine, not sure how long yet, depends on how much yarn I have.

Have been a lazy bum for the last month. I really have got to get back on a real routine with the exercise. This hit or miss thing isn't working. Running once a week doesn't cut it!! Once this next surgery is done. I have to do better. I can turn the focus back to me instead of my parents, I hope.

Chat later

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been. I got back from the Outer Banks. I had my sister's two dogs for 4 days. That makes 5 dogs. So that is a house full. Then on Monday I had my nephews for the day. THEN Tuesday and Wednesday I had to scrub my house because I had 12 people at the house for a stitching weekend. It went great. We are planning another one after the first of the year. The upstairs of the "manhouse" (detached garage) worked great. We had plenty of room and the air conditioning worked great.

Today my Mother is having a mastectomy. This is the first one, as soon as she heals they will do the other one. She has now had cancer in both breasts so decided it was time for them to go. I am taking my father to the hospital about noon, so he will be there when she comes out of surgery. Hopefully it will all go well. So the next week or so, I will be acting as nurse.

Haven't had time to read, so still reading Critical. Will probably get some reading done at the hospital today.

I finished Skin of the Sea and wore it this weekend. I need to get a picture of it so I can post it. I have started a free Katia cardigan pattern. It is working up fast, so hopefully I can finish it in time to wear it before it gets cold since it is openwork and silk/cotton.

I hand quilted on my Hawaiian quilt all weekend. I figure I have another years worth of get togethers work to finish the quilting on this. WHY did I think it needed to be quilted 1/4" apart. It is only king size!!!

Supposed to go back to the Outer Banks in 3 weeks. Found out last night that DH is also out of town that week. So no dog sitter. My regular sitter is also out of town that week. So I may not get to go. Also depends on how my mother is doing.

We off to get ready for the hospital.

Chat later

Friday, August 17, 2007


Happy B'day Daddy!!!! Today is his birthday and he is on the way to Myrtle Beach for the weekend to see shows!!! Good for him.

Just got back from a week on the Outer Banks. Skins looks like leather, but it is brown. Did a lot of exfoliating and moisterizing this morning, so I feel better. I have my sister's two dogs in addition to my 3, so we have a full dog house!!! I need to be housecleaning for the 13 people that are coming to my house next weekend for the stitiching weekend. BUT with 5 dogs, there won't be much cleaning this weekend. So hopefully I will have time to get it presentable before they arrive. I may go back to the velvet rope across some rooms approach!!! Plus I have my twin nephews on Monday, so that day is lost.

Finish Harry Potter at the beach. Really enjoyed it, sorry the series is over. I hope she will write something else. I also read Pearl Harbor, by Newt Gingrich. It was very good. A little revisionist history, but a very enjoyable read. Also read, Bacchus & Me by Jay McInerney. Very educational wine book. A lot of the french names went over my head, but I still learned a great deal from it. On the downside, it costs me $120 on the way home when I stopped at the winery!!!

Not much knitting at the beach. We stay so busy when I am there with my sister's family, there isn't much time to sit and knit, since I am not a beach knitter. I hope to finish Sea Skin this weekend, not sure what is next. I have a FEW options. ;-)

Got my 60GB Video iPod back, so glad. The 2GB Nano, just needs reloading too often.

Chat later

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Thanks to all that left comments about my Kauni cardigan. It really was fun to knit. I have spent this week trying to get the things done that I ignored, while I spent the month of July knitting it. It really is time to clean the house when you have to rent a Bobcat to do it. Just kidding, but it does seem that way some days.

I have started Skin of the Sea( A sleeveless vest/top. It is knitting up quickly after the fingering weight yarn in Kauni. I want to finish it this week so I can wear it on the Outer Banks next week. I'll post pictures when I finish.

This weeks focus is getting the house straight. I am having 12 people here for a stitching weekend in two weeks, but I am spending next week on the Outer Banks, so all the work has to be done this week. I am not even trying for CLEAN, just STRAIGHT. There is a big difference. Besides, I believe that dust protects the finish on the furniture!!!

I am still working along on Harry Potter #7. I don't want to rush because I want to enjoy it, but I also don't want to drag it out so long that I find out the end without reading it. Another thing I want to finish before the beach trip. I have a busy week, can you tell?

I also have to get a mindless knitting project underway to work on at the beach next week. With the twin nephews (11 yo) there is nothing done that requires a great deal of concentration.

The other thing I have discovered this week is Webkinz. Yes, they are stuffed animals and I am to old for them, but they are FUN. There is a website where you build a house for your pet, feed them, play with them, exercise them!!! I am addicted, so I also have to have my daily Webkinz time!!! No, I don't plan to grow up!!!

Chat later

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I Finished, I Finished, I Finished!!!!

Even with an injured knitting finger, the Kauni Cardigan is finished and the final stage of the Tour de France hasn't even started!!!! Today is truely a ceremonial day!!! If is wasn't so blame hot, I would wear my cardigan to watch the day in Paris. It still needs blocking, but other than that, it is finished. I think it is pretty coincidental that I was going for the Green Jersey and green is the main color in the neck and front ribbing!!!
Off to watch the final stage. And of course, get to work on another project!!!
Chat later

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Tour de France KAL Update
Here is my one armed Kauni Cardigan, with the injury to the "knitting finger" my hope now is to finish the second sleeve by Sunday. I think finishing work will have to wait until after the Tour. At least I can say it was done drugfree.

Have I mentioned that Macklin likes to be comfortable when he sleeps?
Still plodding along with Harry Potter. I have been devoting all my time to knitting. Want to finish it before someone tells me what happened though. On someone's blog I read the ultimate in love. Her husband is READING her Harry Potter while she knits!!!! My husband is wonderful, but I know better than to even ASK for this one!!!
Exercise has also been suffering with the push for the Green Jersey. Monday I have to redouble my efforts. Can't get completely out of the habit.
Chat later

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Tour de France/TdF KAL Update
My finger injury was not "tour-ending" but it had slowed me down significantly. I was able to finish the first sleeve and get the second one picked up. I still doubt I will get it finished knitting as slowly as I am knitting. I had planned to compare my injury to Vino's and say if he can ride with all the stitches in his knees, I can certainly knit with a cut in my finger. But we all know what has happened to him. Why are these guys so stupid they don't realize they are going to get caught? Cycling has the strongest drug testing program in all of sports and they still think they can get away with it!!!! They may have powerful legs, but their brains need some work!!!

Off to knit slowly
Chat later

Monday, July 23, 2007


I know I say this almost every post, but where does the time go???

I have been watching the Tour de France. I think this is the best year I have ever watched. When Lance was riding, you knew he was going to win, it was just a matter of which day he wanted the lead. This year there are 10 possibles and you never know who is large and in charge that day until the very end. There hasn't been a bad stage yet.

My Tour de France KAL project, Kauni Cardigan is coming well. The body is done, I have one sleeve 3/4 done. The pattern is a translated pattern, so you need to know what you are doing to knit a sweater from it, but the patterning on the sweater is very easy to memorize and you can work on it and talk, or watch the Tour. Now for the bad news. I tried to shorten my left index finger with a knife yesterday. My sister had gotten 100 ears of corn. I was helping her wash and cut off the bad spots. I mistook my finger for an ear of corn. We debated stitches, but she grabbed the steri strips and closed it up. Last time the boys got a cut she did that then took them to the emergency room. At the emergency room they left her work in place. So I decided we weren't spending hours in the emergency room. Today it is VERY SORE, but doesn't seem to be bleeding anymore. BUT, this sweater is two-handed, two-color. I can run two colors in my left hand, but don't knit English well enough to run two in my right. So I think knitting is done for a couple of days!!! ;-( There is no way I can finish my project by the time to Tour is over and not knit for a couple of days. I only have until Sunday. Just a reminder, this sweater is in fingering weight yarn!!!

Harry Potter arrived Saturday at 6:10PM. I didn't even get to start until last night. I am on page 75. I fell asleep on the book, woke up at 3AM. So since I can't knit, guess I can read!!! I want to get it read before someone tells me what happens, but I want to savor it too. I don't think I would get as much pleasure from it if I read it all in one day. I finished the Diana Chronicles before HP. It is the least complimentary book about her I have read, but it also had more info I hadn't seen before. It is a new book, so there is 10 years of history rewrite there too. I am kind of stuck in the middle of Summerhouse by Jude Devereaux. Just can't seem to get into the story. Maybe too many Jude Devereaux books in a row. I haven't given up completely.

Had a great trip to the Beach. Weather was great. I still have revelations about my new weight that are fun. You would think a year at normal weight I would have had them all. We climbed Jockey's Ridge. Two years ago, I stayed at the cottage. I knew there was no way I could climb it. Last year, my sister stayed with me and I made it up with only one break to stop and pant. This year I was in the front of the pack, saying "Are you coming?" My 11 yo athletic nephew wanted to race down the hill. He said "Ready, Set, Go" we took off. He realized I was going to win, so he rolled down the hill, so he didn't loss!!!!! ;-) Guess my exercising really is paying off!!! Now I just have to get back in the habit at home.

No picture, sorry. I have to be retrained, it has been too long since I used the conversion software and my camera won't take a picture small enough to upload directly!!! ;-( You don't want to see my mangled finger anyway!!! ;-)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Want to get a quick and pictureless post in before I headed off to the Outer Banks, NC again.

I have been knitting away on the Kauni cardigan. It is going well. I have the pattern memorized almost immediately. It is giving me a great chance to practice my two hand two color knitting. I am almost up the the armhole steek. This is my Tour de France KAL project. I am going for the Green Jersey so I need to finish it during the tour. I am sure I will do very little knitting while at the beach. My nephews are going and they keep us VERY busy.

Haven't finished any books or done any quilting, but I have been getting my running in like a "good girl".

I'll give you a full report when I get back from the beach. Hopefully we won't have as much rain as they are predicting. We need rain at home not at the beach. Home is so dry the grass crunches.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

7/4/07 Volume 2

This is the detail of the Smokin Sock Ribbing. I really enjoyed doing this sock, even if it did take months to do it.
Here are the next 13 blocks of my Dear Jane. I have a bunch more prepped, just need to quit knitting and work on them.
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Happy 4th to everyone!!!

First let me introduce the rest of the family.

This is Chad. He is the male half of the littermates. He really likes to nap on the hearth.

This is Chelsea. She is the female portion of the litter mates. She is the "bitch". Not just in the dog sense of the word. She thinks she is the alpha dog, but she forgot to tell Mack!!

The is Mack in his favorite sleeping position. That is the back of the chair, between the cushion and the back. He thinks this is heaven.

Another shot of Chad sleeping on the hearth.

I have been on a finishing binge so I don't have so many UFO's when the Tour de France KAL starts. These have been on the needles since March!!! They are Smokin' Socks from Using Lorna's Laces Lagoon. Loved the pattern, it is a mock cable so you get the look of cables with no cable needle.

This is a bad picture of the Split Neck T from Knitting Plain and Simple.

This is the back and front of the Prosperous Plum Tank knit in Candy Apple Red Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. It fits great. I hope it doesn't stretch.
Have been running on the treadmill. That is going very well. Much easier on the knees and the treadmill helps me pace myself. I want to run too fast when I am outside. So this was a good purchase.
I am now reading three books, I am getting as bad about books as I am about projects. I have Summerhouse by Jude Devoureax, the JFK book by Vincent Bugliosi (this is good, but just too big to handle and read), and the new Diana Chronicles. Not sure who wrote that at the moment.
Another of my obsessions that has gotten out of control is I have 400 blogs in my bloglines account. That is not a typo, it is FOUR HUNDRED!!! Thank goodness for Bloglines.
I have 2 more pictures I couldn't get into this post, so I will do another one to try to get those two uploaded. Hopefully they will work with just the two.
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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hot enough for everyone? This over 100 heat index is just too much. Thank goodness the A/C is working.

I chose my Tour de France KAL ( project. I am going to do the Kauni Cardigan. ( This is a stretch, but it does have yellow and green in the yarn so it meets the requirements for the KAL. I am going for the green jersey which means I want to finish the sweater during the Tour. It isn't as hard as it looks. The yarn is striped and you use 2 skeins starting at different places and it does all the color changing by itself. It is a fairly simple pattern so it should be doable. Of course, how long I spent on the OBX will have and impact on whether it gets finished or not.

I have been catching up on the Lime n Violet podcasts. They are a hoot. If you have an iPod, or even if you just listen on your computer. They are well worth the listen. One of my very favorite knitting podcasts. My very favorite is Brenda Dayne of Cast On. Even Lime n Violet call her St Brenda!!!

Got three skeins of sock yarn this week. One from Red Bird Knits, it is a kit for a mitered square cuff sock, my new Socks that Rock sock kit, it is gorgeous as usual. And my Spunky Eclectic yarn, it is also awesome.

Other than that, not much has happened since yesterday. I did spend 30 minutes running/walking on the treadmill. So glad I don't have to go out in this heat. Besides it is easier to run on the treadmill because it paces me. I try to run too fast when I am outside and then I run out of steam.

Chat later.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I did a post yesterday, but it hasn't been picked up on Blogger or Bloglines. I am doing this post to try to make that one post. Who knows what the deal is. If I look at it on Blogger (from my side) it says it is posted, but it doesn't show up anywhere.

Had my applique bee yesterday. Got 3 more Dear Jane blocks done. Then went to the grocery store and by my parent's to see how they were. Their AC quit yesterday with it 94 degrees!!! Guy got it fixed about 9PM. Hopefully all is well this morning. Need to call and check.

Today is cleaning house and washing clothes. After today, hopefully I can get back to some fun stuff!!!

I also have to get back on the exercise wagon. I do so well when I stay on track, but once the habit is changed even slightly, I struggle.

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Monday, June 25, 2007


Wow, I can't believe it has been almost amonth since I updated. Life really has been busy. The twins were playing in their little league baseball tournaments. That meant we were at the ballfield every night for 2 weeks. Plus they had started swim team so I was taking them to morning practices and attending 2 swim meets a week. Now baseball is over, so only swim team left.

Then I went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for 10 days. That was a lot of fun. I go back in 3 weeks. Hopefully the moisture has returned to my skin by then. Right now I feel and look a little like leather. I used lots of sunscreen and moisturizer, but still very dried out. I exfoliated from head to toe today. That was a big help.

Got some work done on my Split Neck Tee (Knitting Pure and Simple). They body is finished, now I have to do the sleeves and finish the neck.

Started the Prosperous Plum Tank. It is moving fast. I am using the Candy Apple Red Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep.

Also, got 10 more blocks of Dear Jane made. That gets me to about 50 of 169 so they are going well. Hope to work on them somemore this weekend.

Got a lot of reading done while sitting on the beach. I didn't take the JFK book, it is just too big and heavy. It is an "at home" read. Probably mostly in bed so I don't have to hold the book. I did read Carolina Isle by Jude Deveraux, really quick read. Very enjoyable as a lite read. I also started Sumerhouse by her, but not far enough into that one to know how it is.

I read all of The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory. I would not have even picked this up except that so many blogs were talking about how good it was. It really is good. Not sure how historically accurate it is, but it was an excellent read. I want to get some of her other books.

I have to figure out my project for the Tour de France KAL. ( I watch the Tour every year, so need to pick my project. Not sure which jersey I am going for yet.

Didn't get much exercise in while I was gone. Now I have to get back on track. The arm is better so I can get back to work.

Pictures of some of these projects soon.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This is about 40 of my Dear Jane blocks. I have been having some tendonitis problem with my right (dominant) arm this week, so have been sewing instead of knitting. When I look at these in the picture, there are several that I amy redo because there isn't enough contrast.

Hello, I am the dirty white dog, Macklin. Notice my front feet. I have been out looking for moles again.

Started reading "Friday Night Knitting Club". It is good, but a little slow. I am over half way through. I can see where it would be a good movie. It is interesting, to me, since it is written from the standpoint of a knitting store owner. Not sure which book is next. I haven't picked it out yet, but it won't be long before I have to decide. I ordered the new Kennedy assasination (ok, I can't spell) book by Vincent Bugliosi (of Charles Manson fame). I didn't read the write up well. When the box arrived from Amazon, I thought it must be several books, but it was only ONE book. It is 1,700 pages long!!!! And hardcover, so it takes a crane to move it.
Went to my sister's pool on Sunday and Monday of the Memorial Day weekend. Monday I spent a little too much time on my stomach. Somehow when you are laying on a float in the pool, it doesn't seem like long. I am a french fry on the back side. Between that and the messed up right arm, I am a mess.
Have done a very little knitting on my Sasha skirt. I had hoped to wear it on the next trip to the Outer Banks, but it depends on how the arm recovers. I have one and a half ruffle left to do. It is looking very cute. Wonder how it will look on my hips!?!?!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Beach Update:
Had a great weekend at the beach. It was rainy, windy and COLD on Friday, but we were inside so that was no big deal. The other days were gorgeous. I didn't want to come back home. I mostly hand quilted. It is easier to do there, because I don't have 3 puppies curled up on it there. I did get 3 applique blocks for the Dear Jane quilt done.

Comment Responses:
Civil War Shawl took 20 skeins of Knit Picks Gloss. I have part of the last one left.

Scotty dogs are little dolls. They each have their own personalities. I find the boys to be more "lovey" than the girls. The girls are very bossy. They are very confident dogs. They are very sure they are always right.

Well off to unpack and wash the dirty clothes from the weekend. I am hoping to go back this weekend too!!!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is Macklin. He is a West Highland White Terrior. He loves to play in the rain and the mud. Can't you tell? He is one of the 3 puppies that allow me to live in their house. The other two are Scotties. They are hard to get a cute picture of, because they are so black. Mack thinks he is the cutest anyway!!! Although sometimes he is so dirty, I think he is trying to be black like the Scotties.
Thanks for all the comments on my shawl.
I am almost packed for the beach, just have to finish the laundry to I have enough clean underwear to wear!!! ;-)
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Here are two pictures of my completed Civil War Shawl. They were taken at night so they are a little dark, but isn't it GORGEOUS!!! It has taken a while to knit but I LOVE IT!!! It was worth every stitch. The dog hiding beside me is Chelsea. My Scotty dog who is afraid of her own shadow.
I plan to take it on my Quilting Retreat weekend with me. I will be wearing my shawl, even if it is 100 degrees!!! It needs to be shown off!!!
Got 5 blocks of my Dear Jane quilt done yesterday. Also, prepped about 15 of the applique blocks to work on over the retreat weekend. I am not going to lug a machine with me, just hand stuff.
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Monday, May 14, 2007


Sorry for the delay in posting, BUT Blogger has been being a pain and not letting me in!!! It is hard to update when you can't get logged in. Now, you know, I know my password, since I got in today!!! ;-(

Anyway, to the fun stuff. My wedding anniversary was yesterday. We have been married for 18 years. Neither of us can believe it. We went out to dinner Friday night because we didn't want to fight the Mother's Day crowd on Sunday. Had a fabulous dinner at Kincaids. A bit pricey, but we don't go but about once every two years. But it was so good, I bet we don't wait that long again.

Yesterday was also the 17 month anniversary of my weight loss surgery. I was happy when I weighed and the pound I had gained last month was gone!!!! I continue to loss inches (though slowly now) so think it is muscle gain that is keeping me from lossing weight.

I finished the Civil War Shawl. I love it. It has even crossed my mind to do a second one. I will wait a little while, the urge will pass since I have so many projects on the "To Do" list. I figure it took one quarter of the time to do the center and three quarters of the time to do the border. I will try to get my husband to get a picture of it that I can post. Since I have failed miserably on the picture front.

The crocheted ripple afghan is coming slowly. I have been devoting all my time to the Civil War Shawl.

I finished the underskirt of the Sasha skirt in Euroflax. Now I am working on the lace ruffles. I hope it is cute on my body.

Have been keeping up with my exercise quite well. I am proud of myself. But I really want to keep this weight off.

This weekend I have a quilting retreat on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I have to figure out what I am taking to work on. Last time I hand quilted the whole time. Maybe I will do that again, since I have quilted since I got home. I am really looking forward to the weekend. It is such a great group of ladies to spend time with. We don't get to see each other nearly as often as we used to.

I am almost finished reading "Perfect Match" by Jodi Picoult. This is very good. Deals with child molestation and how a mother deals with it. There are some tough parts, but it is excellent.

Yes, I am going through Jodi Picoults library. I love her stuff. I just finished "Ten Circles". It was very good, but my least favorite of hers to date. Next I think I will read something by someone else. I need something more in the beach read category. You know, no socially redeeming value to the content!!! Maybe even a little trashy.

Hopefully I will get another post in before I leave on Friday, if not, I'll give an update on the weekend when I get back. Hopefully Blogger will let me in.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007


When I posted the other day, I forgot to add that the Naga Socks that I test knitted (and loved) has an official pattern now. It is available FREE at
It really is an easy and good looking pattern. Everyone should have at least one pair of socks made from it!!!!!

I rode my bike to the boy's ballgames today. I was thinking I would get a great workout while going to the game..... WELL I have such silly ideas. I started out, it felt really good. About half way there, the bike started making a funny noise. Very close to the ball field (thankfully) I noticed A LOT of play in the chain. I have a recumbant bike so it has a very long chain. I was thinking that the chain had jumped out of the midpoint restraint, causing the bounce. As I pulled into the parking lot I felt something funny and looked down to see the middle chain restraint FALL OFF!!! So I walked it to my parent's van and called my husband to come pick it up. I rode home in my parent's van!!!! ;-( So only half the workout I had hoped for!!!! Do I get credit for trying?

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Friday, April 27, 2007


Where does the time go? I plan to post twice a week and do well to work in once a week.

I have a new nephew. He is an adorable 5 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. His name is Cody. He is a little doll.
I have made some knitting progress this week. The Civil War Shawl is moving SLOWLY. The border has already taken twice as long as the center, and I still have at least a third of it to go. It is going to be gorgeous, but I am getting bored with the border. 82 repeats of the same 34 rows. Too long to memorize, but not difficult.
I have about a third of the underskirt of Sasha done. It is all stockinette, so it is my ballfield project.
No progress on the crocheted ripple afghan this week. I have been trying to be monogomous to the Civil War Shawl.
I have Dear Jane and Dear Hannah ready to get started, so I can start making the 250+ blocks for that quilt. I need a quilting project. I can't give it up completely.
I signed up for Applique by the Bay at Mares Bears Quilt Shop this morning. This will be the fourth year, it is loads of fun. A very relaxing weekend before the rush of the holidays get started.
I have 21 miles down on my 100 miles for Run-A-Go-Go this quarter. I need to pick up the pace a little so I can get all 100 miles in this time. I can ride my bike some, it adds up mileage faster.
I am reading Ten Circles by Jodi Picoult. Very good. This one took longer to get into than her other books, but now is very good. She doesn't deal with the easy issues, this one is how a father handles his daughter being raped and his wife having an affair, all at the same time.
Had a groomer come to the house yesterday. I have always taken the dogs to the groomer, but didn't like the way Mack was treated last time, so I decided to try the mobile one. I liked her very much. The dogs liked her and she did a good job, so the few extra dollars were certainly worth it. They look so cute. If only they would stay clean.
Back to Civil War Shawl. I am hoping for rain. That always gives me an excuse to sit and knit and not do anything of real value.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


When I posted last, I hadn't heard about the Virginia Tech incident. These are always a tragedy, but somehow when they are so close to you, at a place you have been any times, it seems worse. I can't seem to stop watching the coverage, but I am a news-aholic anyway. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families.

I continue you my starting rampage. I decided against Rusted Root. The sleeves are just too short and I have so many patterns I don't have the motivation to write the sleeve pattern. I have started the Sasha Euroflax Skirt AND a crocheted cardigan. The cardigan is going to fast, that I want to wear it this weekend!!! Nothing like high hopes.

I haven't run this week, can't leave VT coverage, but I have been Nordictracking, so at least I am getting my miles in. I don't do but about 1.5 miles at a time on the Nordictrack. When I go run/walk, I go about 2.3 miles.

I cleaned the carpet in my sewing room yesterday AND cut out TWO quilt tops. So maybe I will actually sit down and sew soon. I am looking forward to a little "machine time".

I am going to try to pry myself away from the TV to run this morning.

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Monday, April 16, 2007


Two days in a row, don't expect me to keep up this pace. I took full advantage of a nasty rainy day yesterday. I didn't nothing of any real merit. I watched 3 movies and started new knitting and crocheting projects!!!

I watched 11:14, ok Hillary Swank movie. Boys Don't Cry, better, but still not one of my favorite movies. And last, but not least, the first disk of the mini series, Elizabeth the 1st, with Helen Miran. This was the best of the lot, can't wait until I get the second disk. Mailed them all back to Netflix the morning, so by Wedsnesday, I should have disk 2.

I started a crocheted Ripple Afghan. I figure I need lots of mindless work, since I will be at the ball field so much (see yesterday's post for details). But realized how fast this was going to get too big to lug around, SO.... I started the Sasha Euroflax skirt. It has a stockinette underskirt that you knit first, so it will fill a lot of ballfield time. I have also decided to start Rusted Root. It also has a lot of stockinette stitch. These should hold me over for a while. I really like stockinette stitch, I can knit and watch the game all at the same time. Most any other pattern, I have to look, or there are a plethora of dropped stitches.

I have 13.4 miles down for this quarters 100 mile run. I need a little over a mile per day, so I am a little behind, but I hope to get 4 days in this week instead of 3. The gaining of a pound has me more dedicated to this exercise thing. Gaining is not allowed.

Now I am going to watch the Boston Marathon for a little while. They really have got miserable weather for that today. I think I would have stayed in bed, even after all that training. As you know, I am very much a fair weather runner.

Chat later

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Rainy, rainy day. I think I will watch a movie and knit!!! ;-)

I finally finished the Lacy Leaf skirt. I still need to block it. I do hope the hemp gets softer when soaked. It is a little like burlap right now.

I am back on the border of the Civil War Shawl. It seems endless. You have to do 82 repeats of a 34 row pattern. I am finished 18 rows, so have a long way to go.

I need another mindless project. Found out this week that one of my nephews has been "called up to the majors" in little league, so they will be on different teams. This mean FOUR little league games a week. I need a lot of mindless knitting!!! It is great for him that he is good enough that they "drafted" him, but somewhat painful for the watchers!!!

Exercise is still going well. The only downside is that when I weighed for my 16th month anniversary of my surgery, I had GAINED one pound. I am not letting it get me down though, since my measurements have either gone down or stayed the same. I have been weight training the month which I haven't done with any consistancy since surgery. I am assuming that the pound is muscle!!! Right?

I finished Bob Woodruff's book, In An Instant. It is very good. His recovery really is amazing. Makes our military health care look good too. In light of the recent events, this is the other side of the health care story. Next is Jodi Picoult's Ten Circles. I'll let you know how it is once I start. I was too tired to focus on the pages last night (I am sure that glass of wine I had, has nothing to do with it!!).

Off to check which Netflix movies I have.

Chat later

Thursday, April 5, 2007


After several days of Spring/Summer type weather, we are back to normal temperatures. It has been so warm, I have been working on my tan!!! Now I have to put long pants back on ;-(

I have been good on the exercising front. Not running every day, but either running, Nordictracking, or weight training Monday-Friday for 2 and a half weeks so far. I have to keep this up. I do feel better with the exercise. And hopefully doing different things will keep me from doing too much damage while trying to be healthy.

On the knitting front, I am still working on the Lacy Leaf Skirt. There is lace around the bottom then the whole top is stockinette stitch. You start at the hem and work up. So I am in the sleep inducing stockinette stitch in the round portion. I only have about 80 rows left!!!!

Haven't worked on the Civil War Shawl or my socks recently, I have been focusing on the skirt. With the weather getting warm, I think I will wear the skirt before the other two.

I have been cleaning some more too. Wish I could wiggle my nose like Samantha!!!

Finished 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Great read. Now I am reading Bob Woodruff's, In an Instant, book. I am only about 30 pages in, but so far it is also great.

I have a thread crochet summer sweater, I want to work on too, but need to finish one of the things piled on my table before there is room for it!!! It will be my first "thread" crochet, but it looks like a fairly easy pattern.

Chat later

Sunday, April 1, 2007


I just tried to upload my new sock picture. I keep making them smaller when I take them but they are just too big. It locks up the whole Blogger on my computer. I guess I am going to have to learn to resize them after taking them.

I finished the Naga sock that I was knitting for Abigail ( They are wonderful. It was a quick knit and an easy pattern to remember so I wasn't so tied to the pattern. Besides they look and feel great on my feet. I didn't have to do one less repeat on the foot since I have small feet, but that was easy enough. She may even use a picture of MY socks on the pattern!!!! Go take a look at them. She hopes to have the pattern ready later in the month.

I started a Lacy Leaf knit skirt out of hemp. I have never knit with hemp before. I hope it softens when it is wet and blocked. Right now it is a little like burlap, only rougher!!!

No real progress on the Civil War Shawl. I am plugging along on the border, but that will take a while.

Also working on Smockin Socks from It is a great mock cable pattern. They are coming along. They are my current ballfield project. Now that little league baseball has started, I will be spending a lot of time there. First game was Saturday, and they won!!!

I did make my goal for 100 miles by April 1st. I did great in January and March and did almost nothing in February. I did 60.5 miles total. We are starting again April 1st through July 1st. This time I am going to do better!!! Really!!!

Have almost finished 19 Minutes by Jody Picoult. It is great. Everyone should read it. It deals with the issue of school shootings and why they happen. But not a documentary type book. It is a very enjoyable read. First pretty day, I will have it finished while working on my tan!!! ;-)

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Well, I am back home again. My only planned trip at this time is a weekend trip in May. I am ready to stay home for a little while. I just got back from 10 days on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was wonderful. I had 2 days in the 80's. I even put on a bathing suit and laid in the sun for a little while. The quilting weekend was great. We even planned another one for May. I can't wait. I was so good. I had carried 100 projects to work on, but at the weekend, I hand quilted on one project all weekend.

I finished the center of the Civil War Shawl, started a pair of socks, and then hand quilted the rest of the week. I actually made progress on some stuff, instead of my usual 15 minutes on each project. I am going to try to take only one quilting and one knitting project in May. We will see!!!

I did break my Yarn Diet. I made a purchase at Knitting Addiction in Southern Shores. Got yarn for 2 shrugs. I stay so cold since I have lost weight, I think they will be handy this summer with short sleeves. Anyway, now I have to get back on the good side of fiber buying. But I made it until March 15th. That is bound to be a record for me!!!!

My 15 month anniversary of my weight loss surgery was while I was gone. So I weighed when I got home, which was really an extra week, but who cares. I have lost 125 lbs and have gone from a BMI of 48.1 to 26.5!!!! According to the medical weight charts, I am still 10 lbs over weight!!!! It is hard to believe.

I did some running while I was at the beach. It was wonderful. They have bike/walking lanes on each side of the road and keep them clean. Also, it is a straight road so you can see what is coming. So much nicer than at home where there is NO walking lane and the side of the road is broken up and dirty and it has lots of turns so you don't know what is coming. Guess I have to move to the beach so I will enjoy running more.

I am not going to make my 100 miles by April 1st, but I am still signing on for the next go around. I am at 53 miles since Jan 1st. I just need to work harder. The weather will be better now, so I can go more often. I am a wimp, you know!!!

I quit reading "Wicked" while I was at the beach. It is just too wordy and hard to follow. I will probably try another of his books, since others say they are better than this one. I read "Williams Princess" about Kate that is dating Prince William. Not much new info, mostly a Charles/Diana rehash. Good fluffy read though. Now I am reading "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult. Very good. Columbine like story. Her stuff is so good.

Well that covers things to date. I should be more consistant since I am home. I went 10 days with NO internet access!!! I was in major withdrawal, but it is good for me. I am really addicted. Of course I came home to 800 e-mails and over 1,000 blog hits in Bloglines!!! It will take me a week to catch up.

Chat later


Well, I am back home again. My only planned trip at this time is a weekend trip in May. I am ready to stay home for a little while. I just got back from 10 days on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was wonderful. I had 2 days in the 80's. I even put on a bathing suit and laid in the sun for a little while. The quilting weekend was great. We even planned another one for May. I can't wait. I was so good. I had carried 100 projects to work on, but at the weekend, I hand quilted on one project all weekend.

I finished the center of the Civil War Shawl, started a pair of socks, and then hand quilted the rest of the week. I actually made progress on some stuff, instead of my usual 15 minutes on each project. I am going to try to take only one quilting and one knitting project in May. We will see!!!

I did break my Yarn Diet. I made a purchase at Knitting Addiction in Southern Shores. Got yarn for 2 shrugs. I stay so cold since I have lost weight, I think they will be handy this summer with short sleeves. Anyway, now I have to get back on the good side of fiber buying. But I made it until March 15th. That is bound to be a record for me!!!!

My 15 month anniversary of my weight loss surgery was while I was gone. So I weighed when I got home, which was really an extra week, but who cares. I have lost 125 lbs and have gone from a BMI of 48.1 to 26.5!!!! According to the medical weight charts, I am still 10 lbs over weight!!!! It is hard to believe.

I did some running while I was at the beach. It was wonderful. They have bike/walking lanes on each side of the road and keep them clean. Also, it is a straight road so you can see what is coming. So much nicer than at home where there is NO walking lane and the side of the road is broken up and dirty and it has lots of turns so you don't know what is coming. Guess I have to move to the beach so I will enjoy running more.

I am not going to make my 100 miles by April 1st, but I am still signing on for the next go around. I am at 53 miles since Jan 1st. I just need to work harder. The weather will be better now, so I can go more often. I am a wimp, you know!!!

I quit reading "Wicked" while I was at the beach. It is just too wordy and hard to follow. I will probably try another of his books, since others say they are better than this one. I read "Williams Princess" about Kate that is dating Prince William. Not much new info, mostly a Charles/Diana rehash. Good fluffy read though. Now I am reading "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult. Very good. Columbine like story. Her stuff is so good.

Well that covers things to date. I should be more consistant since I am home. I went 10 days with NO internet access!!! I was in major withdrawal, but it is good for me. I am really addicted. Of course I came home to 800 e-mails and over 1,000 blog hits in Bloglines!!! It will take me a week to catch up.

Chat later

Thursday, March 8, 2007


Sorry for the long absence. Had a wonderful trip to Hawaii. The flights are KILLER, but once you get there it is awesome. I got to see a lot of Oahu, and some of Hawaii (flew over to see the volcanoes). Would certainly go back if he has to go work again. Not sure I would go on a regular vacation. He is a bad tourist so to pay that much to go on our own doesn't make sense.

I tried to post a picture, but they need to be resized. They are too big to upload. I will try to get him to do that so I can post a couple of pictures. I really do need to learn more about that digital camera!!!

Not much knitting to report. I only took a scarf from sock yarn with me and didn't have much time to do that. This week I have been busy getting unpacked and clothes washed from the Hawaii trip and packing and getting ready for my Outer Banks trip. I leave Saturday for a week down there. The second weekend is our Quilting Weekend at Barefoot Quilter. I am going to try to make this mostly a quilting week, with just a little knitting. I need to get some quilting done too!!!

I have been very good with my Fiber Diet. NO purchases while in Hawaii. The fact that I didn't find a store of either variety is not relevant to the discussion!!!

I lost about 4 lbs while I was there. Eating was somewhat of a problem. The first time since I had surgery that I felt that way. There was NOTHING on the plane or time in the airports to get anything going or coming. With 20+ hour trips this is an issue. I carried Slim Jims and protein bars to tide me over and I am glad I did, because that is all I got either way. While we were there, food was either outrageously expensive or there was a several hour wait to get in places. I am just not willing to pay $60 for an entree that I might eat a 1/3rd of. And of course, there was no saving it for later either. It wouldn't have bothered me to pay that before my surgery, but not now. So I really didn't eat good while I was gone. So I may gain the 4 lbs back now that I am eating right.

My dogs were so excited to have me back home. They haven't figured out that I am leaving again yet!!! They will be unhappy, but at least he will be home with them this trip. They just need a lot of attention. Of course, that is because they are the most spoiled dogs in the whole wide world. And I know I am the cause, but that is what they are for, right?

I read "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" on the plane over. It was ok. Very deep, and I had heard so much about it there really wasn't anything new in it. Then I started and almost finished "Wicked". This is interesting, but I little wordy. I will finish it soon. Next on the list is "Knitting under the Influence". On the front of the book is a picture of a Cosmo and knitting. He thinks this is my autobiography!!! ;-)

I have gotten in 2 good runs since I got back. I have to get back on track with that now. Yesterday I ran ALL of all 8 intervals. The first time that I haven't wimped out on the end of several of the intervals. Maybe I am finally making some slow progress. Running gear will be going to the beach with me. Hopefully the weather will be good. As you know, I am a fair weather runner!!

Chat later

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Back to try to add pictures again. I discovered last night that the pictures I was trying to post were HUGE. DH shrunk them down last night so I am trying again. Wish me luck.

Yippee!!! now let's see if I can do another one.
Not formatted like I wanted, but at least they are pictures. Beginners can't be but so picky!!!!
Chat later

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, Sahara is finished. It is a little too snug. Maybe I will loss a few more pounds so it will fit. It is cute and if I was 16 maybe I wouldn't think it was too snug, but at my age, I don't need quite so form fitting. ;-(

I have finished my February Socks for the SAM 3.

I have just spent the last hour trying to put a picture here. This really makes me crazy!!!

Any they are knit with Socks That Rock Lightweight in Queen Rock color. It is the Stitches of Violet Basketweave Rib pattern. I really like them. I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn, but I had plenty.

I have started a scarf from Stars and Stripes Patterned sock yarn from Skacel. It is just stockinette stitch so it is for my mindless times and what I am taking on the trip because it is small.

I also started my Civil War Shawl. It is going very smoothly. Some of the easiest lace knitting I have ever done. I am on row 73, but of course, each row gets longer!!! It will go on hold very soon because of the trip

The Outer Banks weekend is all scheduled. But I am turning it into a week at the beach. It will be in March so not laying out weather, but last March my week was beautiful. I can rest up from my Hawaii trip!!! ;-)

Well back to trying to figure out how to post pictures. Hopefully soon.

I continue to be good on my Fiber Diet, BUT the quilt show, which also has yarn, is this week. Can I really resist that much fiber all in one place and time!?!?!

Chat later

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, today is 14 months since my weight loss surgery. I have lost 120 lbs. I had thought it would be 122, but somewhere between Saturday and Wednesday, I mysteriously "found" 2 lbs!! ;-( Of course, it could be lack of exercise!!!

I have almost finished Sahara. I just have the neckline and a tiny bit of finishing. It is knit top down so all you have to do is sew a short seam in the front neckline and weave ends. So that may get finished today.

I still have the socks to finish this month, but I am to the heel so they will go pretty fast.

I have one more room cleaned out in my house. Hopefully soon downstairs will be finished. They I have to take the bulldozer upstairs!!! ;-) And of course my sewing room needs a lot of work.

The Hawaii trip is pretty well planned. Since I am going to be by myself during the day, I am sticking to tours. That way the bus picks me up at the hotel and drops me back at the hotel. I don't have to try to drive and navigate at the same time. I am sure the other drivers will appreciate that. If anyone has any eating spots to recommend, please let me know. If I leave it to my husband we will eat at Outback every night. I like Outback, but we can eat there at home and I bet they are exactly the same!!!

I am reading Wild Fire by Nelson Demille. I love his stuff. I have read most of his books, maybe even all, but I am not sure. It is very good. Suspense, mystery, a little romance thrown in. Another thing I want to finish before the trip, so I can take a new book with me and not a half finished one.

Chat later

Sunday, February 11, 2007


The Sheep Shawl is blocking. I looks good. It was fun to knit. The orchard portion was quite frustrating but the rest went very smoothly. I was going to take a picture to post once I got it blocking, but it is cream spread out on a cream color carpet, so you can't even see it in the picture. ;-(

My February socks are ready to have the heel done. So I should make it on those before we leave for Hawaii on the 24th.

Sahara has one sleeve. It needs a second sleeve and the lacework at the neck and it is done. Hopefully it can get finished before the trip too. If I can get them both done, I will have nothing on the needles. Unless, of course, I start something else. Not sure if I am going to take any knitting with me. I read or sleep on the plane. Feel so squashed that I don't feel like I can do anything else. I may take some hand piecing with me for in the room. It fits in a small space. Or, if I decide to take knitting. I am planning a scarf make from sock yarn so that would be small to take. Anyway, I have 2 weeks to decide that.

As far as the running, I haven't done a thing in almost 2 weeks. I am such a wimp. If this cold wet weather doesn't end soon, I can give up the half marathon. Somehow you have to run, to be able to run a half marathon. Odd concept, but that is how it works.

There is a quilting weekend in the works for mid-March on the Outer Banks of NC. I hope it works out. I need to do some quilting. Seems all I do is knit.

Chat later

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Well another Super Bowl Sunday. I never watch the game, but at least I didn't have to work myself to death at a Super Bowl Sale. First time in about 10 years that I haven't work either at another shop or my own for the sale. Major Crazy Days!!! I really enjoyed the peace and quiet today.

I worked on my Sheep Shawl. I have finished the body. Now just to get the edging on it.

I still have my February socks for SAM3 to finish too. I have until the 23rd. We leave for Hawaii on the 24th, shouldn't be a problem, if I can keep from starting something else new.

I also worked on my pattern inventory today. I have yarn and books done. I have the patterns left then to organize the fabric. I don't think I am going to spreadsheet the fabric. Mostly because I can't figure out how it would be useful.

I haven't run in over a week. I have been Nordictracking. I just can't seem to make myself go our the door in the rain or if it is below freezing. I know, I am a major wimp. Maybe after we get the taxes done, I can have my treadmill. It was next on the list before Hawaii came up. Just don't feel comfortable doing both until we find out if we owe Uncle Sam or not!!! ;-(

Tomorrow is a loss as far as getting anything done. My cousin died in DC and I have to take my Mother up to the funeral. It will be an all day endevor (have y'all realized I can't spell?). But some things you just have to do.

Chat later.

Friday, February 2, 2007


Today was Groundhogs Day. Based on the weather at my house it should be an early Spring. That would be nice, I haven't gotten outside for a run in a week. I have been Nordictracking. It is good exercise, but just not the same. Hopefully we really will have an early Spring, but next week doesn't show any signs of it. They are calling for snow at least one day and the coldest week all season, so far.

I failed to do a end of January update on my "Yarn Diet". I have managed to follow my rules, so far. I did buy the yarn for the Sheep Shawl, but it is a KAL which is a class, right? And besides, it was only $9 so I was quite conservative!!!!

Finished "Holly" by Jude Deveraux. It was very good, so when you need a mindless book, grab this one. No thought required!!!

Reservations are made for Hawaii. I am so excited. Now I just have to figure out where I want to go while I am there. And of course, what project I am taking to work on!!! That is way more important than what clothes to wear!!! ;-) But is has to be small so I can pack it.

The Sheep Shawl is coming along nicely. I hope to finish up to the sheep tonight. Then I will only have sheep, grass and edging to do. My goal is to finish it before I go on the trip so I can start the Civil War Shawl when I get back. That KAL is starting in March.

I have my February socks started for SAM-3. So need to finish before I leave so I can post a picture by the deadline. I can start my March socks on the trip.

Meet with the Barnes & Nobles group today. We had fun as usual. Two of them are working on the October Coat, since I wore mine last week. Two are working on the Sheep Shawl and two are talking about it (go ahead and cast on Linda!!!). Not our best day. The cappacino machine was broken so no frothed drinks, bummer!!!! ;-(

Well back to Sheep Shawl.
Chat Later

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


January is gone!! What happened?

I have been having loads of fun, working on finishing the books for the closed business so I can get taxes done. I only have one thing to say. YUCK!!!

Hello, Linda, cast on that Sheep Shawl. It is fun once you get going. I am on the Village section. The only place I have had a problem was the rows with k2tog psso at the end of a section. Now that the Orchard section is finished, that problem seems to have gone away. It is fun to knit.

I am also working on Sahara ( so I have a project that I don't have to count every stitch. A lot of it is just stockinette, so I can knit and talk. I have just finished the waist shaping. It is knit from the top down, so then I have to go back and do the sleeves and trim. This one is easy.

If I can work up my nerve to actually fill out the form, I am going to register for the 1/2 Marathon in November. But I have to run and quit wimping out because of the weather. The last 3 days, I have decided to Nordictrack instead. It is inside where it is warm. Good for endurance, but not much on the training for the pounding of running. Or, I could break down and buy the treadmill!!! I just can't bring myself to part with the money!!!! If it was fiber, it wouldn't bother me!!! ;-)

The big exciting news is that I think I am going to Hawaii for a week the end of February. My husband came home last night and suggested I go. He has to go for work, so I will be a "tag-along". Most of the touring I do will have to be alone, since he will be at work, but I haven't ever been to Hawaii. He went a couple of years ago, but at that time my fat hind-parts wouldn't fit in an airplane seat!!! ;-( so I stayed home. Now I can go. The only problem is who to keep the 3 puppies. They seem to realize what is going on, I am getting the "I am so cute, you can't leave me for a week" routine already!!! They are hard to leave.

Also, started a good book. It is more a beach read type book. You know, nothing deep, just lots of bed-hopping. Woman falls in love with two men. Who does she choose, passion or security? It is a quick read. Good escapist stuff. It is Holly by Jude Deveraux. Set in Edenton, NC. I always like books that I am familiar with where they take place.

Chat later