Thursday, June 26, 2008


When I stopped workin "outside the home" thought I would have all the time in the world to knit and quilt and read and just enjoy life. I had NO IDEA, just how busy I would be. Looking after my parent's (whose house is on the market, so requires a lot of cleaning), feeding them since we aren't allowing them to cook in the clean house. Fetching and toting my nephews, one playing baseball all-stars and one on a swim team. With 5 practices a week and 2 swim meets a week, this takes a lot of fetching and toting and the baseball games haven't even started yet!!!

Occasionally, I do get to sit and stitch. I will have some pictures soon. The Noro socks are done and the Lacy Little Top is finished. I am working on my ripple afghan right now because it is easy to pick up and drop quickly.

I am getting some reading done sitting at practices. I finally finished The Host. It was good, but my least favorite of Stephanie Meyers books so far. Her new vampire book is due in August. Hopefully that will get back to her really good stuff. I am now reading Septimus Heap: Physik
this is the third in a series similar to Harry Potter. Easy reading, great for sitting by the pool.

We have really started training for the September bike ride. The smoke from the dismal swamp fires is slowing us down. I don't think we should be out exerting ourselves in visible smoke. Plus it is supposed to be 99 degrees today!!! ;-( Walking and prepping for the half marathon is slow. I have a muscle problem that is causing pain if I go over 5 miles. I have stetching, strengthening exercises to work on that, but don't know whether I will be able to do the walk or not. Time will tell.

Well off to finish preps for the stitching weekend at my house this weekend. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have 14 people coming to my house all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday to stitch and bitch. It will be loads of fun, but this house cleaning thing is for the birds!!!

Puppies are all fine. They don't get to see me enough, though

Chat later

Monday, June 9, 2008


The main thing I have to report is that it is HOT!!!!! We are at almost a week of almost 100 or over 100 degree days. In this time frame, I have spent a day at Busch Gardens, one day at Kings Dominion and the heat of a day at a little league ball game. And I had one day that the air conditioning didn't work, of course, one of the days I was home. It was 96 in the house by the time it was fixed. I feel very well cooked!!! Spots of my body have a nice tan. Of course, it is a farmer's tan and mostly on the front of my body. You look a little foolish laying on your stomach at a little league game!!! Today, I have swim meet to go to. That is another 4+ hours in the heat, starting at 4:45PM, so the heat of the day!!! ;-(

I have gotten a little knitting and reading done, but haven't finished anything!! I am trying real hard to finish the knitting projects I have started instead of starting new ones right now. I am planning to use UFO's for my Tour de France and Knitting Olympics projects. If I could finish what I have started in that 2 month period I would be thrilled. Then I could start all new stuff!!!

The dogs are hating this weather too. They keep reminding me that they have to wear fur coats, that they can't take off!!!

Hopefully by next week, I will have finished a book or a knitting project or something!! I am feeling very unproductive.

Chat later