Thursday, March 8, 2007


Sorry for the long absence. Had a wonderful trip to Hawaii. The flights are KILLER, but once you get there it is awesome. I got to see a lot of Oahu, and some of Hawaii (flew over to see the volcanoes). Would certainly go back if he has to go work again. Not sure I would go on a regular vacation. He is a bad tourist so to pay that much to go on our own doesn't make sense.

I tried to post a picture, but they need to be resized. They are too big to upload. I will try to get him to do that so I can post a couple of pictures. I really do need to learn more about that digital camera!!!

Not much knitting to report. I only took a scarf from sock yarn with me and didn't have much time to do that. This week I have been busy getting unpacked and clothes washed from the Hawaii trip and packing and getting ready for my Outer Banks trip. I leave Saturday for a week down there. The second weekend is our Quilting Weekend at Barefoot Quilter. I am going to try to make this mostly a quilting week, with just a little knitting. I need to get some quilting done too!!!

I have been very good with my Fiber Diet. NO purchases while in Hawaii. The fact that I didn't find a store of either variety is not relevant to the discussion!!!

I lost about 4 lbs while I was there. Eating was somewhat of a problem. The first time since I had surgery that I felt that way. There was NOTHING on the plane or time in the airports to get anything going or coming. With 20+ hour trips this is an issue. I carried Slim Jims and protein bars to tide me over and I am glad I did, because that is all I got either way. While we were there, food was either outrageously expensive or there was a several hour wait to get in places. I am just not willing to pay $60 for an entree that I might eat a 1/3rd of. And of course, there was no saving it for later either. It wouldn't have bothered me to pay that before my surgery, but not now. So I really didn't eat good while I was gone. So I may gain the 4 lbs back now that I am eating right.

My dogs were so excited to have me back home. They haven't figured out that I am leaving again yet!!! They will be unhappy, but at least he will be home with them this trip. They just need a lot of attention. Of course, that is because they are the most spoiled dogs in the whole wide world. And I know I am the cause, but that is what they are for, right?

I read "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" on the plane over. It was ok. Very deep, and I had heard so much about it there really wasn't anything new in it. Then I started and almost finished "Wicked". This is interesting, but I little wordy. I will finish it soon. Next on the list is "Knitting under the Influence". On the front of the book is a picture of a Cosmo and knitting. He thinks this is my autobiography!!! ;-)

I have gotten in 2 good runs since I got back. I have to get back on track with that now. Yesterday I ran ALL of all 8 intervals. The first time that I haven't wimped out on the end of several of the intervals. Maybe I am finally making some slow progress. Running gear will be going to the beach with me. Hopefully the weather will be good. As you know, I am a fair weather runner!!

Chat later

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Diane said...

Glad you had a nice trip. Hawaii is really pretty but that flight is just way too long.