Thursday, December 6, 2007


I just finished going through my Bloglines. Enjoying all the snow pictures. I want us to have some snow. Preferably enough that everyone gets to stay home from work and school to play in it. I don't want folks in danger on the streets. We haven't had a decent snow in several years. What better day then one with it snowing like crazy outside, a fire in the fireplace and your knitting/quilting/good book (pick your favorite vice) in your hands?

Trying to start packing for NYC. It is tough. We are limited to one suitcase and one carryon. Of course we have like 18 hours on the bus between the there and back. So I need some entertainment, but it has to be small. I hope to sleep on the way up, since we leave at midnight. But on they way home we leave at like 3PM, so I will need lots of entertainment. Notice I don't think clothes are an issue, just entertainment!!! Have to have knitting, a book, the iPod.....

Chat later.

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