Monday, October 1, 2007


How do the die hard bloggers make time to blog everyday. I haven't even managed to get a post done in over a month. I missed September completely!!!!

My mother's surgery went very well. The second mastectomy is Weds of this week. Hopefully this one will go as well. My father as gastritus so can't eat hardly anything. Old age is just hell!!!

I just got back from 12 days at Kill Devil Hills, NC. It was great. Weather was cool and breezy. I read several books, appliqued and knitted. It was heaven. I was ready to come back home and see DH and puppies. But will be going back soon.

I have gotten a ton of sock yarn recently. I have pictures.

This one is Tsock Tsarina the kit is the bottom one, the top bag is a free gift!!!! Love the unique sock designs they have.

The one to the left is Zen Garden. One the right is WoolGirl. This is Woolgirls first shipment. That club is great. Not only is the yarn AWESOME, but the pattern is good. The extras were wonderful too. We got a "sock journal" note book, chocolate mint lipgloss, and a stitch marker. Can't wait for the next shipment.

Left is Spunky Eclectic. Love her stuff!! And of course the one on the right is Socks That Rock!! Need I say more about that one?

So now I have some serious sock knitting to do. Hopefully there will be some time sitting in the waiting room for my Mother tomorrow.

I finished reading "Critical" while I was sitting in the porch swing at the beach. It is very good. medical mystery. Good read, although it does have a lot of medical mumbo jumbo in to. I read "Twilight" (by Stephenie Meyer), this is the book they say is the new Harry Potter. It was very good. A teenage girl moves to a new town to find that the high school has a family of vampires!!! I have always had a thing about vampires!! So it fits right in. I started Jack Cafferty's "It's Getting Ugly Out There". It is written exactly like he talks on his show on CNN. Haven't finished it yet, but am enjoying it. I have ordered the other two books in the series with Twilight. I think they will be my next read.

I appliqued the center square of a new quilt. Impressions of Morris. I would have finished it but decided I wanted to change some of the fabrics, so needed to stop and go through the stash, that was, of course, at home.

I knit Mix and Match shawl. It was fun. Just Knit 3 rows, purl one. I used 5 different yarns and changed yarns every 2-4 rows. It was good and mindless.

I am working on FiFi, from French Girl Patterns. I had it ready to bind off the bottom, tried it on. I had miss-counted. The cable that is supposed to go down the center was over one boob!!! ;-( So I frogged it all and started over. I am almost finished with the body again!!! I am putting longer sleeves on mine, not sure how long yet, depends on how much yarn I have.

Have been a lazy bum for the last month. I really have got to get back on a real routine with the exercise. This hit or miss thing isn't working. Running once a week doesn't cut it!! Once this next surgery is done. I have to do better. I can turn the focus back to me instead of my parents, I hope.

Chat later


Diane said...

Sending best wishes and healing thoughts to both your parents. My dad says "Getting old sucks when you have health problems and don't let anyone else tell you different."

p.s. I love all your yarn. If you don't have time to knit it all ... let me know and I'd be willing to take a skein or two or three for ya. lol.

Suzanne B said...

I'm glad to see you back. I'm so thankful that your Mom's first surgery went well and will praying for her second surgery. I will also pray for you Father as well and you for having to deal with the stress of both parents being sick.

Love all the sockyarn...I hadn't heard of woolgirl, but I'm definately going to look that up.