Wednesday, April 15, 2009

End of March Goals Update

Still doing well. Need to be more consistant with my protein first!!

At a complete halt because of surgery

Charming Leaves - top done

Dear Jane - not touched in March

Expressions of Morris - not touched in March

Baltimore Halloween - blocks done, needs embroidery and border

Took a Loom Class, a Pearl Knotting class and a beaded scissor case class. More new classes coming up

Finished a pair of socks, started 2 more pairs.

Working on Shipwreaked Shawl from Knitty.

18.5 books of my 52 book goal, so I am doing great.

I continue to be pleased with the goal progress.

Chat later


I'm back. After almost 3 weeks without a router, life is good. We have an old printer that we love, it works great, prints fast, and a lot on one ink cartridge. BUT, it is an old plug printer, not USB, finding a router that will work with it proved challenging to say the least. Ended up buying one, guaranteed not to work on Ebay. It worked!!! ;-)

My "boob rock" has been removed. Surgery went well and the report came back good. But the nurse says I will be achy at night for 3 weeks, if I continue to do too much. ;-( I am tired of this "doing too much stuff".

Here is Macklin, my poor little sick baby. He has hepititus. He was fine from all appearances until we put him on all the meds, now he is sick. I am taking him off some of the meds to see if he improves. Vet is closed this week for Spring Break, so I am doing it all on my own, but he deserves QUALITY of life. Will keep you posted.

Chelsea with her usual Eeyore look. She always looks like she is about to be beat. Don't know why she does this, but she has since we got her at 8 weeks old. But she is my sweet girl. She has a bad gall bladder. Who ever heard of a dog with a bad gall bladder??? Here she is!!!

The blocks of Baltimore Halloween are done. Here are the balance of them. I have to do the embroidery, put it together and do the bat border. But I can't handle the big piece right now with the "boob" surgery, so I am putting off doing the embroidery. It is called procratination!!!

Here is my ONE border triangle for the Dear Jane quilt. The center 169 blocks took one year. This ONE border triangle has taken 10 months. I really do need to focus on this a little sometime.

Toe Up K3,P1 rib socks from Wollmeise sock club yarn. First time I have knit with Wollmeise. I love it. I need more. Hope she does the club again next year.

I took a Pearl Knotting class. So now I am knotting everything that holds still long enough for me to hold on to!!! It is great fun.

This is a green/blue agate.

This is the Swaroski (I am sure that is not spelled right) Tahitian Pearl, necklace and bracelet. I wanted the necklace when we were in Hawaii and it was $7,000. So I made my own for about $25!!! Plus I got the bracelet for that too!!!

On the reading front:

The Surgeon by Tess Gerritson - EXCELLENT this was a free download from Amazon to my beloved Kindle. It was marvelous. I will certainly be reading more of her books.

I read all 5 books in the House of Night series. It is another vampire romance series. I really enjoyed it. It is written by a Mother/Daughter team named Cast. It is listed as a Young Adult series. I was a little taken aback by the amount of sex in a YA series. But it was very good. Hopefully they will write many more.

Now I am on a James Patterson kick. Reading some of his old stuff. Pop Goes the Weasel and Season of the Machete. Pop was very good, it is an Alex Cross book, and I loved it. Season as very good, but it isn't Alex Cross, so not one of my favs. I am currently reading Black Market. It is a little dated after 9-11, but very good, again not Alex Cross.

Exercise is completely out of the picture with the surgery. Eating doing good.

Sorry for the long catchup. I have another pile of necklaces to take a picture of, but that will have to be another post. This one has enough pics.

Chat later

Friday, April 3, 2009


No I haven't forgotten that I have a blog, but our router got blown out with a power failure a week and a half ago so I am using an aircard to get to the internet. Great for reading e-mail, but miserable for uploading pics. And I have a TON of pics!!!! ;-)

Hopefully DH can find a router that works with our printers soon. We don't want to have to buy two new printers as well as a new router!!! ;-(

Chat soon