Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I see that Macklin highjacked my blog earlier. He really is a creative little dog. How many dogs do you know that can type??? But he really is smitten with Annie!!! He gets this dreamy look in his eyes every time he sees her. So, he doesn't get his picture on MY update, since he already did his own!! ;-)

A lot has been going on. I know I say that every update, but this one has been particularly busy. We have sold my parent's house. Almost finished the addition to my sister's house for them, and moved them. They are pretty much settled except their kitchen cabinets have not come yet. We will have to finish the kitchen area once they arrive. The first of October, I started the H&R Block Tax Prep course. It really is a good course. It is 3 days a week, 3 hours a time, plus about 3 hours of homework for each class. It is pretty intensive. I have a really good teacher, so that helps. I have been obsessed with CNBC since the stock market has been so crazy. So haven't been doing as much reading as usual. If I have a few minutes, I am watching TV or doing homework, not reading. But I do have a few books to report on later in this update. After all the pictures. Of course, the election is driving me crazy. I will be very glad when it is over.

This is the Hexagon Afghan from the Bernet book. Made with Bernet yarn. Fun to crochet, not as fun to sew together. I will make another on though. I loved doing the hexagons.

Beaded Flag bracelet. I took a 2 hour class at Beadworkz in Suffolk, to learn this one. It took about 4 hours to make in total. I have been wearing it a lot. Not sure I am still going to be proud to be an American after the election.

These are plain K3,P1 socks. Made from Ellen Cooper yarn with real silver in it. They sparkle, you really can't tell from the picture. They are SOFT. Have some silk in them too. Got the yarn at Knitting Addiction in Southern Shores, NC.

Here are the 25 center blocks of the Charming Leaves quilt. I still have the dogtooth borders to go, but these were fun. Just need to do some applique. I seem to do more of it when I am away from home, than at home.

This really does look better on than laying on the couch!!! It is a ChicKnit pattern with Buton d Or yarn. Needs blocking. I need to hold a blocking party. It is getting cold and I have 3 or 4 sweaters that just need blocking and I could start wearing them. Plus a shawl and who knows what else needs blocking.

Exercise has been on a back burner. With class three mornings a week and trying to get my parents moved, it just hasn't gotten into the schedule. I will do better soon. I keep promising myself that!!!

On the reading front:
Sarah: How a Hockey Mom... by Keylene Johnson. Good intro to Sarah Palin.

Tan Lines by JJ Salem. Women's bonding book. A group of college friends that get together in the Hamptons years later. How their lives have diverged and converged. Good, not great. Has a murder mystery woven in.

Perfecting Amanda by Bonnie Dee. This was a free book for my Kindle (have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Kindle??) It is a story set at the turn of the century (1900). A pen pal bride goes to get married to a man she has never seen. When she gets to town, she is picked up by a man you makes her believe he is the fiance. After they spend the night together, he lets her know he isn't!! Should she tell the new fiance or not??? Good story. Light reading. Quite sexy!!

Murder on the Candlelight Tour by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter. This is another in the Wilmington NC murder mystery series. They are light and fun quick reads. Revolving around the same historic home restorer. I think there are 8 in the series. I will eventually read them all.

The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes. This is the story of the Great Depression. It is very good. Scary, how much it mirrors this current economic crises. Gets a little heavy at points, but I am enjoying it. Only have 2 chapters left so will finish it soon.

Murder at the Azalea Festival by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter. This is another of the Wilmington NC murder mystery series. Reading this one when Forgotten Man needs a break. Not far into it yet, but it is as good as the others in the series.

When I finish these two books, I will have read 47 books this year. My goal is 52 by the end of the year. Once the class is over the end of November, I will be able to read faster, since I won't have homework, so I should make my goal.

I think that gets things pretty much updated. I will try to do better about updating, but no promises!!!

Chat later

To Annie from Captain Macklin

Just in from a mission.

Mom said I could use this blog update (which is long overdue) to send my girlfriend, Annie a note.

For those that don't know Annie, you can learn about her at ://pennysanford.typepad.com/penny_sanford_porcelains_/ She is a beautiful Westie and another member of the Westie Special Forces. She lives with several other Westies, one of them being Major Mackie. I saw her pictures on Penny's blog and fell instantly in love.

Annie have no concern about being a small town, now country Westie. I was born, and lived the first year and a half of my life in a SMALL town in North Carolina. They don't even have a traffic light and they park in the middle of the street. My then Mom got very sick and was not able to look after me. They took her to some place they called a hospital. There was no one home to look after me. They were talking about "rescues" and "shelters". I don't know what they mean but I didn't like they way they sounded. Anyway, I got lucky (as did you) when my "now Mom" heard about me from her cousin, she drove the 2 hours to get me the next day. I came to live with my new human parents and my Scotty brother and sister, Chad and Chelsea. I miss my first Mom, but have a really good place to live now.

We have moles and squirrels and all sorts of invaders that must be guarded against. As you can see from the picture at the top of the post, I had been out on a mission. I have a doggie door so I can go in and out. Sometimes when I catch a vermit, I bring its dead body in to my Mom. She really doesn't seem to appreciate my hard work. She promptly discards them.

Here I am resting between missions. (Mom says don't look at the dust on the lamp).

Annie, don't worry when Miss Penny takes your picture when you aren't brushed. You still look beautiful to me. I am a rough and rugged Westie. I don't think brushing is necessary for a Westie most days!!!

Now you know a little more about me. Hopefully you will be more comfortable with your long distance beau.

Best wishes to all of your Westie Special Forces Team. Wish we could meet in "person". Sniffing is always good.

Captain Macklin