Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I was informed by a friend the other day that I needed to post to my blog!!! We proceeded to discuss how boring my life was. I could report that I have on my blue sweatpants instead of my black ones today!!! Over the last couple of weeks, I have decorated for Christmas. This is craziness. I have enough decorations to do 3 complete 7+ foot trees. This year I only put up the 10 foot one and a 3 foot one. I didn't do the 8 foot. I have several HUNDRED Santas. I have to completely UNdecorate before I can decorate. All of this so my family can come have Thanksgiving dinner with me. Rave about the decorations for a couple of hours and go home. The rest of the holidays I will pretty much be out of town. Then I take them down!!! Ok, so that is pretty Bah Humbug, but it is true!!!

I have also made 106 DOZEN cookies. Now, mind you, I have had gastric bypass surgery and CAN'T EAT SUGAR!!!! So I spend the rest of the holidays giving cookies away, but I get to fulfill the need to bake at Christmas. Everyone around me will need surgery by the time I pass out all these cookies!!!

Christmas shopping is pretty much done except my sister. We are going to NYC for 3 days in December, so I am hoping to get her something there.

I have finished a pair of socks. Crosshatch from More Sensational Socks, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Now I am working on the cross stitch Christmas ornaments for my nephews. I have done them for them every Christmas so far. I usually am working on them Christmas Eve to get them finished. I hope to be a little earlier this year.

I finished the Jane Austin Book Club. It is a good quick read, but not one of the best books I have ever read. Now I am reading New Moon, which is the sequal to Twilight. Fun books, vampire romance written for young adults (just my speed)!!!

Now it is off to do the final grocery shopping for Turkey day. Then housecleaning. Tomorrow is cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving
Is that better T???

Chat later


Greys4me said...

Finally...an update! Now, where are the pictures?!? HAHA! ;) Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!! T.

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog URL on the DJ list and have been reading your posts. I too struggle to write posts to my blog --- not enough time in the day or thinking matter upstairs at times.

We, too have pared down our Christmas decorations! For years I owned my own floral and gift store and we would decorate as many as 15 trees in the store but now that I am retired my DH puts up the big tree if he wants one up. The kids don't come here for Christmas since we usually go to their houses so no one really sees the tree. Or maybe I am lazy!

love reading your blog! Karen from Kansas