Monday, April 16, 2007


Two days in a row, don't expect me to keep up this pace. I took full advantage of a nasty rainy day yesterday. I didn't nothing of any real merit. I watched 3 movies and started new knitting and crocheting projects!!!

I watched 11:14, ok Hillary Swank movie. Boys Don't Cry, better, but still not one of my favorite movies. And last, but not least, the first disk of the mini series, Elizabeth the 1st, with Helen Miran. This was the best of the lot, can't wait until I get the second disk. Mailed them all back to Netflix the morning, so by Wedsnesday, I should have disk 2.

I started a crocheted Ripple Afghan. I figure I need lots of mindless work, since I will be at the ball field so much (see yesterday's post for details). But realized how fast this was going to get too big to lug around, SO.... I started the Sasha Euroflax skirt. It has a stockinette underskirt that you knit first, so it will fill a lot of ballfield time. I have also decided to start Rusted Root. It also has a lot of stockinette stitch. These should hold me over for a while. I really like stockinette stitch, I can knit and watch the game all at the same time. Most any other pattern, I have to look, or there are a plethora of dropped stitches.

I have 13.4 miles down for this quarters 100 mile run. I need a little over a mile per day, so I am a little behind, but I hope to get 4 days in this week instead of 3. The gaining of a pound has me more dedicated to this exercise thing. Gaining is not allowed.

Now I am going to watch the Boston Marathon for a little while. They really have got miserable weather for that today. I think I would have stayed in bed, even after all that training. As you know, I am very much a fair weather runner.

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