Thursday, November 1, 2007


Happy November Everyone!!! Another month behind us. Shopping days before Christmas dwindling FAST!!! I haven't even made a list yet!!!

Here is 2/3rd's of Modern Quilt Wrap from Knit in KidSilk Haze. If that isn't addictive, nothing is. I am using 10 colors, the pattern only calls for 9. I changed the colors and there were 10 I liked, so went with it.

I messed up my back last week. Happens periodically, but not often thankfully. Anyway, haven't been doing anything around the house, so I have been working on Dear Jane. Here are another 22 blocks. I have 81.5 made now. There are 169 in the body of the quilt and then something like 40 in the border.
Was doing very well getting back on track with my exercising, but the back issue put a stop to that. Haven't done anything since last Thursday!!! Now I have to start over again. I hope Monday to restart AGAIN!!!
I am reading The Jane Austen Book Club. Book is good, not sure how it is going to translate into a movie, but we'll see.
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