Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Wow, I got more comments on yesterday's post on the Baltimore Halloween quilt then any other post I have made. I didn't go back and confirm this, but I am pretty sure that is true. I love the comments, now if I could just figure out how to respond to them!!!

I finished another block last night, so thought I would post it. It really is a fun quilt to work on, and the side blocks are pretty quick.

I bought the kit from Amidon Quiltworks. I have been very pleased with the fabrics and the quantity of fabric so far. If you want a kit, I would recommend them. I have seen a kit from another shop (which shall remain nameless) that I would not have used the fabrics they sent. Amidon also has it as just the pattern and as a block a month. I have no affiliation with them, just a satisfied customer. Here is the link:

Those of you who have followed my blog for sometime know that Mack (the Westie) has a virtual girlfriend in Mississippi named Annie. Well, Annie is very sick. They really don't know what is wrong with her, but she is not well. If you want to catch up on her condition, check Even if you don't want to read about Annie, Penny writes a very interesting blog about her porcelain, history of her area and family, quilting, and of course, her puppies. Check her out.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Still no snow. I am still hoping. It used to be that when the circus was in town, we got our biggest snow. This year the circus isn't coming until April, so maybe I should just give up hope for this year!!! ;-(

These are the first couple of blocks of the Baltimore Halloween quilt. They are fun blocks because of the subject. The center block took forever. The smaller side blocks are going faster. So far I have 3 blocks done, just 10 and the borders to go!!! Almost done!!! ;-) NOT!!!

I love this little owls expression!!!

These are my alpaca socks. They are so soft and warm. Just plain K3 P1 rib socks.

There is a cat up the tree. The one that is upright in the center of the picture. But the main thing to look at is the silly Westie dog up the leaning trunk. He is about 8 feet in the air. he was up twice that high when I saw him, but by the time I grabed the camera he was on the way down. Sorry the picture isn't better, but it was a point and shoot NOW, or miss the picture completely.

I am still reading Liberal Facism. It is very dense vocabulary. Wish it was on the Kindle so I could easily look things up, but it was bought pre-Kindle. I will finish it one day, but it isn't a fun read.

I finished Slobbering Love Affair. It is a very good review on how the liberal mainstream press elected/appointed the President they wanted. It shows how little choice the press actually gave to the public in this election.

I read Inkheart. It is a good fantasy book. When the father reads outloud, the characters in the book actually come to life. It is very good. I hope the movie does it justice. I am now reading the second in the trilogy, Inkspell. In the second one, they readers are "read" into the book. Also very good. The third book is Inkdeath. I have that one on the bedside table waiting.

These are puppy dogs that wouldn't get near each other without growling when I had 3 dogs. Now that it is just the two of them. They are together much more. They are even playing some. It is so interesting to watch the dynamic change between them, with Chad gone.

Well off to read Inkspell!!! Hope to finish it tomorrow.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Still no snow. It was 70 yesterday and supposed to be even warmer today. I think I need to give up the snow thing for this year!!! ;-(

This is my beaded button from class on Saturday. This was fun, easy and fairly quick to do. This button is on an 1 1/8" base button and it took about 2 hours, but it was my first one, so later ones will probably go faster. But I think it will be great to have buttons that match my knitting perfectly.

Here is a sleepy Macklin, curled up in the sunny spot.

Chelsea, with her head hanging over the arm of the couch.

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Friday, February 6, 2009


Puppies and I are adjusting to the loss of Chad. Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me with their best wishes. Chelsea is still a little at a loss occasionally, but she is doing better.

I still want snow. They promised us 3 inches the other night, I didn't see the first flake. I want snow. Had I mentioned that before?? ;-)

This is Charming Leaves. The is the first of the quilting finished objects from the 2009 goal list. It, of course, isn't quilted, but that isn't on the list.

This is Sitcom Chic, a Knitty pattern from a couple of issues ago. I really like this sweater. Fit and feel. It is done in Galway, Pastel Marl. I will probably knit this sweater again. Matter of fact, I am making a larger twin for my mother right now.

This is the Boston Terrier mittens from Ravelry. It is SO CUTE. Yes, I said IT. It is a very sad story. IT is adorable, but IT doesn't fit anyone!!! ;-( Now I don't whether to just knit 2 bigger, knit the mate for this one, or just have one cute mitten!! Any suggestions??? I used Knitpicks Gloss.

This is a terrible picture of On The Vine. I LOVE it. It is knit in alpaca I picked up in Delaware, no name stuff, but SOFT. Look at it on Ravelry, it looks much better without the Lady and the Tramp sweatshirt!!!

This is a scarf done in a slip stitch pattern from left over afghan yarn. Just a get rid of loose ends thing.

I think that gets me caught up on projects. I am working on the center block of Baltimore Halloween. I want to finish that before I really go back to knitting.
We had a great stitching weekend, as always. The puppies stayed with us this time, that is the first time they have done that. They were very well behaved. I was quite impressed. They ususally have no manners at all!!!
On the reading front. I read Coraline. The movie is coming out soon. It is Alice in Wonderland meets Tim Burton. Wierd but interesting. Not sure if I will read more by Neil Geiman or not. Still undecided.
I finished World Without End. It is excellent. I have read Pillars of the Earth twice and enjoyed it both times. It isn't necessary to read them in any order, or to read them both. Pillars takes place 200 years before World. There are some references in World to people in Pillars, but you don't miss anything if you haven't read it. They are both excellent and highly recommended.
Then a quick light mystery Death in the Daytime. Takes place on the set of a soap opera. Cute, quick, light. Fun read. I would read more by Eileen Davidson.
That brings me to 7 of the 52 books I hope to read this year. So very much on schedule. I am currently reading: Liberal Facism, Inkheart and the Slobbering Love Affair: The True (and Pathetic) Story of the Torrid Romance between Barrack Obama and the Mainstream Media, so I should have much to report in the next update.
Still staying consistant on my treadmilling ( I read while I am on it, so that helps). Eating still needs work.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

End of January Goals Update

Food - getting it under control
Do we really have to talk about this one right after a stitching weekend, with gobs of snack food available? Need I say more?

I have been much more consistant with the treadmill, haven't added any of the other activities yet.

Charming Leaves - DONE!!! Happy Dance - pictures next post, now that the stitching weekend is over, I wanted to debut it there.

Dear Jane borders - no progress

Expressions of Morris - no progress

Baltimore Halloween - working on center block, all blocks prepped and ready for attention

Signing up for a beaded button class today

Haven't bought anything without checking stash first YET

Haven't finished any of the 2008 UFO's yet either

I have read 6 books for a total of 2,528 pages

So that is month 1, 11 more to go. I am happy with the January progress. I just have to stay at it.

I'll post some pictures with the next post, hopefully tomorrow

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