Saturday, April 28, 2007


When I posted the other day, I forgot to add that the Naga Socks that I test knitted (and loved) has an official pattern now. It is available FREE at
It really is an easy and good looking pattern. Everyone should have at least one pair of socks made from it!!!!!

I rode my bike to the boy's ballgames today. I was thinking I would get a great workout while going to the game..... WELL I have such silly ideas. I started out, it felt really good. About half way there, the bike started making a funny noise. Very close to the ball field (thankfully) I noticed A LOT of play in the chain. I have a recumbant bike so it has a very long chain. I was thinking that the chain had jumped out of the midpoint restraint, causing the bounce. As I pulled into the parking lot I felt something funny and looked down to see the middle chain restraint FALL OFF!!! So I walked it to my parent's van and called my husband to come pick it up. I rode home in my parent's van!!!! ;-( So only half the workout I had hoped for!!!! Do I get credit for trying?

Chat later

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Linda said...

Yes it does count as exercise! Hmmm, do unicycles have chains? Hey, ride a unicycle and your hands are free to knit!!!!! :)