Sunday, April 15, 2007


Rainy, rainy day. I think I will watch a movie and knit!!! ;-)

I finally finished the Lacy Leaf skirt. I still need to block it. I do hope the hemp gets softer when soaked. It is a little like burlap right now.

I am back on the border of the Civil War Shawl. It seems endless. You have to do 82 repeats of a 34 row pattern. I am finished 18 rows, so have a long way to go.

I need another mindless project. Found out this week that one of my nephews has been "called up to the majors" in little league, so they will be on different teams. This mean FOUR little league games a week. I need a lot of mindless knitting!!! It is great for him that he is good enough that they "drafted" him, but somewhat painful for the watchers!!!

Exercise is still going well. The only downside is that when I weighed for my 16th month anniversary of my surgery, I had GAINED one pound. I am not letting it get me down though, since my measurements have either gone down or stayed the same. I have been weight training the month which I haven't done with any consistancy since surgery. I am assuming that the pound is muscle!!! Right?

I finished Bob Woodruff's book, In An Instant. It is very good. His recovery really is amazing. Makes our military health care look good too. In light of the recent events, this is the other side of the health care story. Next is Jodi Picoult's Ten Circles. I'll let you know how it is once I start. I was too tired to focus on the pages last night (I am sure that glass of wine I had, has nothing to do with it!!).

Off to check which Netflix movies I have.

Chat later

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