Friday, April 27, 2007


Where does the time go? I plan to post twice a week and do well to work in once a week.

I have a new nephew. He is an adorable 5 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. His name is Cody. He is a little doll.
I have made some knitting progress this week. The Civil War Shawl is moving SLOWLY. The border has already taken twice as long as the center, and I still have at least a third of it to go. It is going to be gorgeous, but I am getting bored with the border. 82 repeats of the same 34 rows. Too long to memorize, but not difficult.
I have about a third of the underskirt of Sasha done. It is all stockinette, so it is my ballfield project.
No progress on the crocheted ripple afghan this week. I have been trying to be monogomous to the Civil War Shawl.
I have Dear Jane and Dear Hannah ready to get started, so I can start making the 250+ blocks for that quilt. I need a quilting project. I can't give it up completely.
I signed up for Applique by the Bay at Mares Bears Quilt Shop this morning. This will be the fourth year, it is loads of fun. A very relaxing weekend before the rush of the holidays get started.
I have 21 miles down on my 100 miles for Run-A-Go-Go this quarter. I need to pick up the pace a little so I can get all 100 miles in this time. I can ride my bike some, it adds up mileage faster.
I am reading Ten Circles by Jodi Picoult. Very good. This one took longer to get into than her other books, but now is very good. She doesn't deal with the easy issues, this one is how a father handles his daughter being raped and his wife having an affair, all at the same time.
Had a groomer come to the house yesterday. I have always taken the dogs to the groomer, but didn't like the way Mack was treated last time, so I decided to try the mobile one. I liked her very much. The dogs liked her and she did a good job, so the few extra dollars were certainly worth it. They look so cute. If only they would stay clean.
Back to Civil War Shawl. I am hoping for rain. That always gives me an excuse to sit and knit and not do anything of real value.
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