Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Well, I am back home again. My only planned trip at this time is a weekend trip in May. I am ready to stay home for a little while. I just got back from 10 days on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was wonderful. I had 2 days in the 80's. I even put on a bathing suit and laid in the sun for a little while. The quilting weekend was great. We even planned another one for May. I can't wait. I was so good. I had carried 100 projects to work on, but at the weekend, I hand quilted on one project all weekend.

I finished the center of the Civil War Shawl, started a pair of socks, and then hand quilted the rest of the week. I actually made progress on some stuff, instead of my usual 15 minutes on each project. I am going to try to take only one quilting and one knitting project in May. We will see!!!

I did break my Yarn Diet. I made a purchase at Knitting Addiction in Southern Shores. Got yarn for 2 shrugs. I stay so cold since I have lost weight, I think they will be handy this summer with short sleeves. Anyway, now I have to get back on the good side of fiber buying. But I made it until March 15th. That is bound to be a record for me!!!!

My 15 month anniversary of my weight loss surgery was while I was gone. So I weighed when I got home, which was really an extra week, but who cares. I have lost 125 lbs and have gone from a BMI of 48.1 to 26.5!!!! According to the medical weight charts, I am still 10 lbs over weight!!!! It is hard to believe.

I did some running while I was at the beach. It was wonderful. They have bike/walking lanes on each side of the road and keep them clean. Also, it is a straight road so you can see what is coming. So much nicer than at home where there is NO walking lane and the side of the road is broken up and dirty and it has lots of turns so you don't know what is coming. Guess I have to move to the beach so I will enjoy running more.

I am not going to make my 100 miles by April 1st, but I am still signing on for the next go around. I am at 53 miles since Jan 1st. I just need to work harder. The weather will be better now, so I can go more often. I am a wimp, you know!!!

I quit reading "Wicked" while I was at the beach. It is just too wordy and hard to follow. I will probably try another of his books, since others say they are better than this one. I read "Williams Princess" about Kate that is dating Prince William. Not much new info, mostly a Charles/Diana rehash. Good fluffy read though. Now I am reading "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult. Very good. Columbine like story. Her stuff is so good.

Well that covers things to date. I should be more consistant since I am home. I went 10 days with NO internet access!!! I was in major withdrawal, but it is good for me. I am really addicted. Of course I came home to 800 e-mails and over 1,000 blog hits in Bloglines!!! It will take me a week to catch up.

Chat later

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