Thursday, June 25, 2009


Another blog post in less than a month!!! I really should do better.

Daddy continues to not be well. He has improved significantly but still extremely weak. He has fallen twice, which worries us greatly.

This is the Shipwreak Shawl from Knitty. It is a fun and not overwhelming knit. I love the ruffly edging. Now I just need to block it.

This is a class I took at Beadworkz in Portsmouth. It is called All Crossed Up. I finished it in class and wore it home, so it is a quickie.

This is the Classic Lines Cardigan from KnitPicks knit with the recommended yarn. This was a mindless knit. It has some waist shaping which makes it fit well. It also has finished edges. Knit in the round and steeked so not much finishing. I am working on a second one of these in purples. This one also needs blocking. I need to have a "block party" ;-).

Two pair of socks. The one on the left is a simple lace pattern in Scout Swag yarn, I believe. The pair on the right is from Poem yarn. Plain old K3, P1 rib. Both are knit toe up. Thanks to Wendy Knits wonderful and free pattern.

Another Beadworkz class. They are both Flat Spiral. The necklace is single, the bracelet is double. Done with pearls.

Another Flat Spiral Bracelet. Again double. Made with crystals. This isn't as comfortable to wear as the pearl one, but goes with a lot of my summer clothes, so has actually gotten more wear.

We had a UFO weekend in June. I worked mostly on the purple Classic Lines Cardigan. But also finished the Flat Spiral necklace and worked on the socks. We have another one planned for July. In July, most of us are starting the Lollypop Tree Quilt. If you haven't seen this beauty, you need to go to Glorious Colors website and look at it. You have to smile. It isn't hard applique, almost no points, but LOTS of circles.

I have the Baltimore Halloween quilt top together and am appliquing the bat border. I hope to have a picture of it finished next post.

Reading has been progressing nicely. The weather has been good to spend a lot of time sitting in the swing.

Hair of the Dog - Laurien Berenson. Another in the dog mystery series. They are fun cozy murder mysteries. They really are fun, especially if you are a dog lover. They revolve around dog shows mostly.

Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand This is an oldie, but a goodie. It is a very good 1,200 page book, it would be an excellent 700 page book. It is so like our government/business relationships today, but was written in the 1950's. I will certainly read other of her books.

Ripping the Bodice - Inara Lavey - This was a free download from Ravenous Romance. It was ok. Not great.

Then I read the Larissa Ione series about Demons. There are three books:
Pleasure Unbound
Desire Unchained
Passion Unleashed
This is 3 demon brothers. One is half vampire, one is half werewolf. Each book covers one of the brothers stories. They were quite interesting reads. I look forward to the new novel do later in the year. The first book was a free Kindle download from Amazon.

Vampire Diaries - L. J. Smith - I have read the first 4 of this series. It is to be a TV series in the Fall. Not as good as the Twilight books, but still good. These 4 books were written in the early 1990's. There are new books just published recently, I am reading those next.

Common Sense - Glenn Beck - I was somewhat disappointed in this book. I have read his other books and feel that this one was written quickly to ride a newscycle. I wish it had been fleshed out more. I hadn't read Thomas Paines Common Sense since school, so it got me to read that again, so that was good.

I have now read 42 books this year. My goal is 52, so I should be able to reach that with no problem at all.

I am taking part in the Sookie Stackhouse reading Challenge. It starts July 1st, so hopefully I can finish the Vampire Diary books before then. Shouldn't be a problem. I have read book 1 of the Sookie books, but plan to reread it as part of the challenge.

I also have to plan my Tour de France project. I think this year instead of starting a special project for the TdF, I will have a UFO finishup. It is supposed to be knitting, but I am stretching it a little for me. I plan to finish the bats on the Baltimore Halloween quilt, finish the purple Classic Lines Cardigan, and finish the Nonna's Garden shawl. If I get those things done, then I can start something new!!! Let's see how that works out!!! ;-)

Doggies are doing well. Time for new bloodwork, but the vet is on vacation this week so have to wait until next week to make the appointment.

Exercise doing quite well even with some foot problems tormenting me!!! Bad right foot!!!

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