Monday, October 22, 2007


NOTE: Sorry the pictures are screwed up. I tried to edit and get them right and the more I work the more screwed up they get!!! So I quit. You can tell a sweater from a sock, just PRETEND they are in the right place.

I am finally back. I feel like life may be calming down a little. Until the next stupid thing happens at my house. They never seem to end.

Just got back from a great week at Kill Devil Hills, NC. Weather was great. A little cool with a breeze, plenty of sunshine (but we need rain, badly). Spent a lot of time in the swing on the front porch. It is my favorite reading and knitting spot. Can hang there for hours!!! Read 3 books. Jack Cafferty's "It's Getting Ugly Out There". Funny review of the country's political situation. If you have ever watched him on CNN, this book is written exactly the way he talks. I really enjoyed it. Don't agree with everything he said, but he doesn't hold anything back. "Jonathan's Story" this is a side story to what is going on in the soap, Guiding Light. Light, escapist reading. Ok, not great. And finally, and the best of all. "Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair". Whether you are married, divorce, single, a knitter, non-knitter or what, this book is hysterical. She has a blog CrazyAuntPurl that I have been reading for over a year. Her book is great. Makes you think about what is going on in your own life.

I got two blocks almost done on my Impressions of Morris quilt. Once I get the embroidery done, I'll post some pictures. This is making me want to applique again.

I finally got the dreaded bathroom mirror picture of Fifi posted. My DH flew off to Hawaii this morning so he wasn't available to act as photographer. I really love the pattern and the Calmer yarn I used. Am actively looking for another project to use Calmer. I added sleeves to this pattern. It is written to have cap sleeves only.

I finished my Tofutsie socks. They are a simple 3-1 rib top down sock. Love they why the knitted fabric feels, but the yarn is very splitty while knitting.

Mother and Daddy are both doing well at the moment. Mother went to the boy's ballgame on Saturday, the only one she has been to all season. She also drove the first time since surgery bagan this week. That also went well. Thanks to everyone who has posted comments and sent me e-mails wishing them well.

I have decided to not renew my subscription to Socks That Rock and Sundara's clubs. They have just gotten way too expensive. I will just order some yarn when I want to instead of getting is shipped automatically. Still love both yarns, just not willing to pay the price they are asking.

I have started the Modern Quilt Wrap from It is fun to work on. It weighs NOTHING. I am used the KidSilk Haze the pattern calls for, but changed the colors. I'll post a picture a little later.

Today was the first day of the "back on track" exercise program. With all the surgeries and associated dr appts, I haven't been doing very well. I have to get it done first thing in the morning or it doesn't happen. Since my parent's think if they can't have the first dr appt in the morning it ruins the whole day, it messes up my exercising quite a bit, but starting today, I AM DOING BETTER.

Now for a few cute, puppies picture, just because.

Chad likes to sleep under the kitchen table. Not sure why, but that is his favorite spot.

Chelsea is peeking around the corner between the den and the kitchin. She is ready to attack if anyone trys to get the Milkbone behind her. She doesn't eat them, just guards them. One of the boy's will get it a little later and eat it. She will growl and show her teeth, but let them walk up and pick it up.

Mack says he is just cute and that is all that he has to do. He can raise all the cain he wants, because , by golly, I AM CUTE. If you have any questions about he views on life, they all revolve around being CUTE.

Chat later



Suzanne B said...

Glad to hear that things are returning to normal for you. The sweater and the socks look great!

N. Maria said...

I love your sweater! It's beautifully knit.
I also admire your quilts and socks.