Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, Sahara is finished. It is a little too snug. Maybe I will loss a few more pounds so it will fit. It is cute and if I was 16 maybe I wouldn't think it was too snug, but at my age, I don't need quite so form fitting. ;-(

I have finished my February Socks for the SAM 3.

I have just spent the last hour trying to put a picture here. This really makes me crazy!!!

Any they are knit with Socks That Rock Lightweight in Queen Rock color. It is the Stitches of Violet Basketweave Rib pattern. I really like them. I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn, but I had plenty.

I have started a scarf from Stars and Stripes Patterned sock yarn from Skacel. It is just stockinette stitch so it is for my mindless times and what I am taking on the trip because it is small.

I also started my Civil War Shawl. It is going very smoothly. Some of the easiest lace knitting I have ever done. I am on row 73, but of course, each row gets longer!!! It will go on hold very soon because of the trip

The Outer Banks weekend is all scheduled. But I am turning it into a week at the beach. It will be in March so not laying out weather, but last March my week was beautiful. I can rest up from my Hawaii trip!!! ;-)

Well back to trying to figure out how to post pictures. Hopefully soon.

I continue to be good on my Fiber Diet, BUT the quilt show, which also has yarn, is this week. Can I really resist that much fiber all in one place and time!?!?!

Chat later

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