Sunday, April 1, 2007


I just tried to upload my new sock picture. I keep making them smaller when I take them but they are just too big. It locks up the whole Blogger on my computer. I guess I am going to have to learn to resize them after taking them.

I finished the Naga sock that I was knitting for Abigail ( They are wonderful. It was a quick knit and an easy pattern to remember so I wasn't so tied to the pattern. Besides they look and feel great on my feet. I didn't have to do one less repeat on the foot since I have small feet, but that was easy enough. She may even use a picture of MY socks on the pattern!!!! Go take a look at them. She hopes to have the pattern ready later in the month.

I started a Lacy Leaf knit skirt out of hemp. I have never knit with hemp before. I hope it softens when it is wet and blocked. Right now it is a little like burlap, only rougher!!!

No real progress on the Civil War Shawl. I am plugging along on the border, but that will take a while.

Also working on Smockin Socks from It is a great mock cable pattern. They are coming along. They are my current ballfield project. Now that little league baseball has started, I will be spending a lot of time there. First game was Saturday, and they won!!!

I did make my goal for 100 miles by April 1st. I did great in January and March and did almost nothing in February. I did 60.5 miles total. We are starting again April 1st through July 1st. This time I am going to do better!!! Really!!!

Have almost finished 19 Minutes by Jody Picoult. It is great. Everyone should read it. It deals with the issue of school shootings and why they happen. But not a documentary type book. It is a very enjoyable read. First pretty day, I will have it finished while working on my tan!!! ;-)

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Abigail said...

Thanks for the compliment! I really do like how your version turned out!
for pictures, you should try something like picasa or flickr, they are both free and allow you to crop and resize pictures to just how you would like them.