Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This is about 40 of my Dear Jane blocks. I have been having some tendonitis problem with my right (dominant) arm this week, so have been sewing instead of knitting. When I look at these in the picture, there are several that I amy redo because there isn't enough contrast.

Hello, I am the dirty white dog, Macklin. Notice my front feet. I have been out looking for moles again.

Started reading "Friday Night Knitting Club". It is good, but a little slow. I am over half way through. I can see where it would be a good movie. It is interesting, to me, since it is written from the standpoint of a knitting store owner. Not sure which book is next. I haven't picked it out yet, but it won't be long before I have to decide. I ordered the new Kennedy assasination (ok, I can't spell) book by Vincent Bugliosi (of Charles Manson fame). I didn't read the write up well. When the box arrived from Amazon, I thought it must be several books, but it was only ONE book. It is 1,700 pages long!!!! And hardcover, so it takes a crane to move it.
Went to my sister's pool on Sunday and Monday of the Memorial Day weekend. Monday I spent a little too much time on my stomach. Somehow when you are laying on a float in the pool, it doesn't seem like long. I am a french fry on the back side. Between that and the messed up right arm, I am a mess.
Have done a very little knitting on my Sasha skirt. I had hoped to wear it on the next trip to the Outer Banks, but it depends on how the arm recovers. I have one and a half ruffle left to do. It is looking very cute. Wonder how it will look on my hips!?!?!
Chat later

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Jeanne said...

Your DJ blocks are wonderful! This will be a bright and happy quilt when done.