Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Happy 4th to everyone!!!

First let me introduce the rest of the family.

This is Chad. He is the male half of the littermates. He really likes to nap on the hearth.

This is Chelsea. She is the female portion of the litter mates. She is the "bitch". Not just in the dog sense of the word. She thinks she is the alpha dog, but she forgot to tell Mack!!

The is Mack in his favorite sleeping position. That is the back of the chair, between the cushion and the back. He thinks this is heaven.

Another shot of Chad sleeping on the hearth.

I have been on a finishing binge so I don't have so many UFO's when the Tour de France KAL starts. These have been on the needles since March!!! They are Smokin' Socks from Using Lorna's Laces Lagoon. Loved the pattern, it is a mock cable so you get the look of cables with no cable needle.

This is a bad picture of the Split Neck T from Knitting Plain and Simple.

This is the back and front of the Prosperous Plum Tank knit in Candy Apple Red Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. It fits great. I hope it doesn't stretch.
Have been running on the treadmill. That is going very well. Much easier on the knees and the treadmill helps me pace myself. I want to run too fast when I am outside. So this was a good purchase.
I am now reading three books, I am getting as bad about books as I am about projects. I have Summerhouse by Jude Devoureax, the JFK book by Vincent Bugliosi (this is good, but just too big to handle and read), and the new Diana Chronicles. Not sure who wrote that at the moment.
Another of my obsessions that has gotten out of control is I have 400 blogs in my bloglines account. That is not a typo, it is FOUR HUNDRED!!! Thank goodness for Bloglines.
I have 2 more pictures I couldn't get into this post, so I will do another one to try to get those two uploaded. Hopefully they will work with just the two.
Chat Later


Meg said...

what a gorgeous family! I love that chad likes to sleep on the hearth!

Diane said...

Cute dogs. Isn't it funny how one always thinks the world revolves around them and the others don't seem to care?

Love bloglines!

Suzanne B said...

Summerhouse is a GREAT book. Of course, I like anything by Jude Deveraux.