Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is Macklin. He is a West Highland White Terrior. He loves to play in the rain and the mud. Can't you tell? He is one of the 3 puppies that allow me to live in their house. The other two are Scotties. They are hard to get a cute picture of, because they are so black. Mack thinks he is the cutest anyway!!! Although sometimes he is so dirty, I think he is trying to be black like the Scotties.
Thanks for all the comments on my shawl.
I am almost packed for the beach, just have to finish the laundry to I have enough clean underwear to wear!!! ;-)
Chat later


lanternmoon said...
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lanternmoon said...

OH MY GOD! I have yorkies that I wouldn't trade for anything, but Mack is a DOLL! My husband would love a Westie. I am curious about your Scotties though....I have always been led to believe that Scotties are dour serious little dogs, but the ones I've met have always seemed to have a very British sense of humor. I suspect that the poeple who have told me they are grumpy little dogs have no imagination. But, I love all terriers.

I found you from the Civil War Shawl Group. Your shawl is gorgeous! I am starrting with the June group...actually, I started today.

Nice to meet you and hugs to your pups!