Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I did a post yesterday, but it hasn't been picked up on Blogger or Bloglines. I am doing this post to try to make that one post. Who knows what the deal is. If I look at it on Blogger (from my side) it says it is posted, but it doesn't show up anywhere.

Had my applique bee yesterday. Got 3 more Dear Jane blocks done. Then went to the grocery store and by my parent's to see how they were. Their AC quit yesterday with it 94 degrees!!! Guy got it fixed about 9PM. Hopefully all is well this morning. Need to call and check.

Today is cleaning house and washing clothes. After today, hopefully I can get back to some fun stuff!!!

I also have to get back on the exercise wagon. I do so well when I stay on track, but once the habit is changed even slightly, I struggle.

Chat later

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