Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Rosalin Fair Isle Hoodie is coming along nicely. I am working on the shoulders then I just have to knit the hood. This pattern is well written and knits up smoothly. Even if you have never done Fair Isle, this is a good project.

My Ribby Pulli that I finished a couple of weeks ago, with a turtleneck, I have decided to frog the turtleneck and knit the hood. I don't like the worsted weight T-neck on my body. So guess that one isn't really finished, OR does it count at TWO finished projects since I finished it twice???

We finished Basketball season with my nephews this week. I also finished my mindless project. This is a scarf knit in the round out of the Skacel 1776 sock yarn. Now I need another completely mindless project since baseball season starts April 1st. Any suggestions?

Training is coming fairly well for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon (walking it), but I had to slow down this week. My hips were hurting a lot. So I have slowed down to a more leisurely pace, that has helped a lot, BUT, I can't finish within the 4 hour time limit at my current speed, so hopefully I can speed back up soon.

My nephew wants to do a 25 mile bike ride in September after the walk in August!!! So as soon as he gets out of school, I will be training for that too!!! I won't be able to walk most days. But I should be in good shape!!!

I got two Dear Jane blocks done this week, but didn't get a picture of them yet. I will put them in once I have a few more done.

No applique this week.

I went to the Mid Atlantic Quilt show last week. I was VERY unimpressed. There were not nearly as many quilts and only a handful were hand done. Most were art quilts, which really aren't my cup of tea. Even the vendors were a disappointment. There wasn't anything new. Every thing is just a "retread" of a couple of years ago. Booths had patterns that I know are 8 years old. I already have those. I go to a show to get new stuff!!! Anyway, I may never go back, which is bad since it is one of the largest shows on the East Coast and I only live 25 minutes from the venue, but why pay $12 to get in to see old stuff and quilts I am not crazy about? I would love to hear what others thought. Was it just me??

Saturday I went to Nags Head to the musical theater to see an Elvis impersonator. It was fun. Took my parents and my aunt and uncle. We had a really good day, except... Daddy came down with the flu on Monday, so now I am sure we will all have it. He had the flu shot, but it doesnt' seem to have helped. With each sneeze, cough, or twinge, I am sure I am next. Wish me luck.

Boys are snoozing in their chair. The sleep all night, each breakfast and go get in their chair. What a life?

And when it rains, Macklin really likes to dig in the mud, notice the "white" paws. That is what I call "terrior toes", he also has "terrior nose", but it is hard to see in this picture.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentines Day to all!!!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Two more blocks of Nature's Chorus done!!! That is 26 of 49. I am over half way. So, of course, I have gone back to knitting.

Started the Rosalin Fair Isle Hoodie. Not much to show, still working on the turned up hem.

No progress on Expressions of Morris or Dear Jane, will get back to those one day.

Have had a good week training for the Half Marathon. It seems to be taking a lot of time out of my week, but I need to get in the habit of exercising more, so hopefully this will help. By the time the race comes up the end of August, I hope it is such a habit that I can't break it.

Still reading Murder in the Heartland. Hopefully I will finish it one year!!! It really is good, just not devoting any time to it.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Two more blocks of Natures Chorus are done. That means 24 of 49 are done. These blocks really do go fast. I am enjoying making progress on this quilt. Haven't worked on Expressions of Morris or Dear Jane at all this week.

The only knitting I have done is while riding in the car, at Barnes & Noble, and to get the heel turned, since I like to do that while not in public. I like public knitting to be completely mindless and heel turning requires a little counting.

Reading is still plodding along with Murder in the Heartland. It is a really good book, I just haven't made the time to sit and read except for the few minutes each night when I get in bed. Some nights that will only be a page before I call asleep.

I did commit myself to the Rock n Roll Half Marathon held August 31st. There are 4 of us that are planning to WALK it. Hopefully it will help all of us stay motivated to do our exercise!!! I bumped up the treadmill time starting yesterday. With this commitment made, I can't afford to slack off. The hard time will be if I spend as much time at Nags Head this summer. I find it harder to workout while on vacation. No slacking this year!!!

Not much else to report. It has been a quiet catching up kind of week. I also have to get the tax info together so we can get those done. This will be the last year of the business, so next year taxes will be SO MUCH EASIER. I can go back to doing them myself.

No cute dog pictures this week. They are just sleeping like lazy lumps!!!

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