Friday, August 17, 2007


Happy B'day Daddy!!!! Today is his birthday and he is on the way to Myrtle Beach for the weekend to see shows!!! Good for him.

Just got back from a week on the Outer Banks. Skins looks like leather, but it is brown. Did a lot of exfoliating and moisterizing this morning, so I feel better. I have my sister's two dogs in addition to my 3, so we have a full dog house!!! I need to be housecleaning for the 13 people that are coming to my house next weekend for the stitiching weekend. BUT with 5 dogs, there won't be much cleaning this weekend. So hopefully I will have time to get it presentable before they arrive. I may go back to the velvet rope across some rooms approach!!! Plus I have my twin nephews on Monday, so that day is lost.

Finish Harry Potter at the beach. Really enjoyed it, sorry the series is over. I hope she will write something else. I also read Pearl Harbor, by Newt Gingrich. It was very good. A little revisionist history, but a very enjoyable read. Also read, Bacchus & Me by Jay McInerney. Very educational wine book. A lot of the french names went over my head, but I still learned a great deal from it. On the downside, it costs me $120 on the way home when I stopped at the winery!!!

Not much knitting at the beach. We stay so busy when I am there with my sister's family, there isn't much time to sit and knit, since I am not a beach knitter. I hope to finish Sea Skin this weekend, not sure what is next. I have a FEW options. ;-)

Got my 60GB Video iPod back, so glad. The 2GB Nano, just needs reloading too often.

Chat later

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