Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Got to go to Nags Head, had a great long weekend. My mother's second cataract surgery went just as smoothly as the first, so that is behind us. The next family trauma is getting my parent's new living space finished and them out of their house by the end of October. The construction schedule is so tight, that if anyone sneezes we won't make it!!! Then they are homeless!!

No new FO knittng/crochet projects to show. I have been on a reading jag, so not much handwork done!! I have a four day quilting weekend this weekend, so will get some stuff done then. Hopefully the next update will include a load of FO pictures.

Have been doing a lot of bike riding. Did a 47 mile ride on Saturday and hope to do it again this weekend. We are expecting leftover rain from the tropical storm this week, so hopefully it will clear out so we can ride. The Between the Lights bike ride is September 13th. It is 50 miles on the Outer Banks. That is what we are training for.

I have given up on the Rock and Roll half marathon. I was planning to walk it, but have been having a lot of trouble with leg pain after walking anything over 2 miles. So have had to give this up in favor of the bike. I hope to spend some time with a personal trainer soon to try to work out the leg pain problem.

On the reading list:
Pillars of the Earth - Ken Follett - This is the second time I have read this book. It is excellent. Long but you really get lost in it. There is an Earl who is a sadist so there is a bit of sexual violence that was troubling, but I think it is probably true to the time. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys political intrique.

Murder on the Ghost Walk - Ellen Elizabeth Hunter - This is a murder mystery set in Willmington, NC. It is light reading, and interesting because I knew some of the places she was talking about. I read it in one day on the beach. It is the first in a series of mysteries set in Willmington. I plan to read them all.

The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency - Alesander McCall Smith - Light mystery. Great character development. You really feel you get to know them. It is a series of short mysteries, not one long involved one. I prefer the long involved mystery. But enjoyed the insite in African culture. This is also a series of books. I will probably read more. This is another book I read in one day, sitting on the beach.

Dog Eat Dog - Laurien Berenson - If you are a dog lover, this is a must read. Murder mystery with a ton of dog stories thrown in. How can you not love a book that almost has more dogs than people in it. Another series. I will be reading more!!! Another one day beach read.

Under you Spell - Lois Greiman - I started this the last day on the beach. I read 100 pages only because I didn't have another book. I would have dropped it in the trash on the beach, but I wanted to make a note of it, so I didn't buy any more books by this author. This is very unusual for me to not finish a book. I just couldn't slog through it. The language was cumbersome and the story wasn't moving. Enough said

Septimus Heap:Queste Book 4 - Angie Sage - If you like Harry Potter, you will like Septimus. He is an Ordinary Wizard in an apprenticeship to be an Extraordinary Wizard. Great fantasy. I have abou 50 pages left. What will be next..............

Told you I had been reading a bunch!!!!

Hopefully I will get something to take a picture of finished by next time.

Puppies are fine. They are still loving the screened in front porch. Sometimes they even sit out there without me!!! I am dreading the weather getting cold and me not getting to sit out there. Of course, then I will so some hand work instead of just read.

Chat later

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Kindle. After holding an almost 800 page hard cover book, now holding the lightweight Kindle is so much nicer!!!! I have almost finished Lady Killer. It isn't as good as the other Lisa Scottoline that I read, but still very good. I will continue to read her books.

I leave for the Outer Banks on Weds (hopefully). Not sure if I will take the Kindle or a real book for beach reading. I can just put the Kindle in a ziplock bag, but I am not sure I am comfortable, just sticking it in my bag and going for a walk!?!?! Not sure I really want to hold a real book, though, is that lazy or what!?!?! ;-)

I know I said I was doing UFO's in July and August, but I started a quick V-neck tank. Hopefully I can finish it to wear at the beach. But I have to quit reading long enough to do it. OR practice doing both at the same time.

Chat later

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


A bit calmer week, this week. It was time for one.

No new knitting/crocheting/appliquing pictures. I have been sitting on the new screened in front porch reading!!! I LOVE the porch. I have finished Back on Blossom Street. This is the third in the Blossom Street series. Good, quick, chick lit read. It is about a knitting store and the customers that frequent it. The first two books are Shop on Blossom Street and a Good Yarn. All three are good light reading.

I am about 3/4 the way through the fourth book of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers, Breaking Dawn. I was a little shocked by this book. It is a young adult book and has gotten into some issues that surprise me for that level book. I won't give details because I don't want to spoil it for anyone that is going to read it. It, like the rest of the series is very good.

Next book, I think, is Lady Killer by Lisa Scottoline. That will be the first full length book on the Kindle. So far I love the Kindle. I have a TON of "real books" so am trying to read several real books for each Kindle book, to whittle down the piles!!! My nephew (who also loves to read) had declared that I have a BOOK ADDICTION!!! You think??? ;-)

We have ridden the bikes almost 100 miles this week. T is doing much better with his new road bike versus his old mountain bike. Hopefully we will be ready for a 50 mile ride by early September. Not sure if we are taking bikes to the OBX next week or not. My sister and her family are leaving Friday for the beach. I am not going until next Weds or Thurs. My mother is having cataract surgery on Weds and I am going to stay here and make sure that goes well. Hate for both of us to be gone when it is done. It is rarely a problem, but don't want to be away during it.

Well back to the porch, before it gets any hotter, to finish my book. Puppies LOVE the porch also. As soon as I head that way, they are running to get out there too!!!

Chat later