Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I have finally gotten started on my 100 miles by April 1st goal (http://runagogo.com/). I have 3.5 miles done. JUST 96.5 to go. But it is just one step at a time, so I have to keep going.

I still haven't started the Hanne Falkenberg Studio sweater. I am letting it intimidate me. I know it is ridiculous, but I am. I am merrily knitting along on my Zig-Zag sock (http://cavyshops.com/zigzagsocks.html) and just looking at the sweater pattern. I have turned the heel already and it is a sport weight sock, so I won't work as cover for much longer!!!

I am continuing to clean out my studio. I can actually walk through it now. Still a long way to go, but making progress.

Well off to get some chores done.
Chat later

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