Saturday, January 13, 2007

13 month Update

Today is 13 months since my gastric bypass surgery. I have lost 116 lbs!!! ;-) I still want to loss another 15-20 lbs, but it is real slow at this point.

I have walked 9.5 miles so far this week. I hope to get another 2 miles in the morning, but it is supposed to rain, so we will have to see. Anyway, if I keep this up, I can get to 100 miles by April 1st, no problem. I do hope to be running more of them as time goes on, but I am a sissy!!!

I finished by Zig Zag socks. Except that the two skeins of hand dyed yarn don't match, so the socks don't match, I really like the pattern. The came as a sock of the month kit, so you would think they would match a little better than they do. One is mostly purple, the other is mostly teal blue. But I will wear them together anyway. The downside of hand dyed yarn.

I finally started the Studio sweater. I have about 4 inches done and it is going well. I really like her sweaters, but am so intimidated by her patterns!!!!

January 13th update on "Fiber Diet". I haven't bought any fiber yet!!! But I did buy 3 sets of martini glasses this week!!!! Not sure this is going to help on the money side. Seems I am just going to spend it elsewhere!!! Good and bad all at once.

Chat later


Suzanne B said...

Way to Go on the weight loss! That is incredible. Hang in there and you will get to your final goal. I have just celebrated my one year anniversary of reaching my goal weight which means I have now been at goal for 1 year!! I lost 65 pounds on Jenny Craig.

I too have been successful in the Fiber Fast.

Good Luck and Keep it up!

Susan said...

Suzanne B: Great news on your loss. The keeping it off is the hardest part. That is why I try to exercise so much. My worst fear is gaining this weight back. Hang in there on your Fiber Fast. We shall overcome these stashes!!!

Diane said...