Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18, 2007

Just got back from my lovely mammogram appointment. It really is not as bad and the dread I put into it. Her hands were even warm today, which is strange since it is raining and COLD outside. I don't think there is anything colder than a wet cold.

I didn't mention in my confession in my last post that I only spent $9 on the yarn for the Sheep Shawl. I got the laceweight ready to dye cream merino. So at least I was somewhat conservative about my purchase.

I got in a good 2 mile run/walk yesterday. I used the Couch to 5K podcast, week one. It was great. It was just the motivation I needed. He tells you exactly when to run and to walk. Week one is run 60 seconds and walk for 90 seconds. For a total of 30 minutes. I was worn completely out when I finished. But can't wait to do it again. It was raining and cold and I had the mammo appt, so didn't get to go this morning. It was probably be Sunday before the weather allows. I am truely a fair weather exerciser!!!!! A treadmill takes up a huge amount of space. I just don't know where I would put one. I hate gyms so that won't work either.

Haven't done a great deal of knitting in the last couple of days. The dogs have wanted major "lap time" and they always win. But spoiling them is why I have them.

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