Saturday, January 6, 2007

Another Day, Another Log in Challenge

I am continuing to find it very difficult to log into Blogger. You just go in circles for hours, then suddenly, doing nothing different, you can log in. It is very frustrating. How am I going to learn to post pictures, when I can't even figure out how to log in!?!?! ;-(

I finished my Hydrangea socks this morning. So that is two finished projects for 2007. I am planning to start a Hanne Falkenberg sweater next. Studio long. It is a turtleneck with a zig-zag on the front. I have already knit her Mermaid sweater. It went great. There is a HF blog and someone had done an Excel Spreadsheet that made it easy. I am having to do my own spreadsheet for this one and I find her patterns very difficult to read. I have asked if anyone has already done a spreadsheet, hopefully someone has and will share. If not, I continue to work on mine.

I am supposed to be getting my Nike+iPod set up. I am planning to take part in the 100 miles by April 1st, but I am prograstinating until I get the new toy set up. And I am not working on that. So what does that tell you!!!!????

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