Thursday, January 25, 2007


Wow, just 11 months until Christmas!!!! Just thought of that when I typed the date. Not even ready to think about that!!

I have gotten 2 runs in this week. I am using the Couch to 5K program. I am doing week one now. I have done it 3 times, and it is feeling much better. It is run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds, for 30 minutes. I am doing week 1 for 2 weeks. I don't like to rush into things. I have bad knees so I don't want to make them "mad", so taking this very slowly.

I have 19.5 miles towards my 100 by April 1st. I really have to pick up the pace or I will never make it. One person already has their 100 miles. I have 80.5 miles to go.

I now have a treadmill. It is a hand-me-down, and I am not sure it will work for running. I need to play with it some. But when it is free, you at least give it a chance. It is very base line. Not programmable at all. But until I save the money for one, it will work. Maybe.

I finished the Interweave Beaded Scarf. It is gorgeous, but it weighs a ton. If attacked, I can use it as a weapon!!!

I started the Sheep Shawl. My yarn finally arrived on the day the KAL started. I have the first 50 rows done. So far, so good. I am enjoying it, as long as my husband doesn't want to discuss the taxes while I knit.

Now I want to do the Civila War Shawl KAL. (
It doesn't start until March 1-ish. I have a lot of Sheep Shawl knitting to do to be ready for the Civil War one.

Not to mention that I joined the 3rd Sock a Month KAL. Guess I am giving up everything except what my KAL's are doing. But at least it is using yarn!!!! I really need to get rid of some of it. But I love it all, so want to knit it.

I have 2 dogs on my feet. Not sure where number 3 is. Chelsea must have the current guard duty. Of course, if anything scares them, they run to me to protect them!!!

Went to my applique group on Monday. My current applique project is too huge to work on at a table with 6 other people, so I took a hand pieced star quilt I am working on. I can carry everything I need in a small zip lock bag, so it travels very well.

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