Sunday, January 21, 2007


It has been a busy couple of days. Friday, I met friends at Barnes & Noble for our usual knitting time. It is wonderful that they let us hang out there and knit. While there, I convinced 3 of them to take part in the Sheep Shawl Knitalong ( too. It will be fun to have us all working on it in person together. I have had the pattern for sometime, but the yarn hasn't come yet. According to the tracking on-line, it has been sitting in a West Virginia post office for the last 4 days. No wonder there are so many companies competing successfully with the USPS. Hopefully tomorrow. I don't want to be late starting it.

I have also joined SAM3. That is a sock a month knit-along that starts Feb 1st. ( . The side effect of this will be, I have to learn to post pictures, so it will help my blog as well. I know it is really boring without pictures.

Saturday, the group from Friday, plus a few went on a "multi-cultural" shop hop. We went to a cross-stitch store, a bead shop (, a knitting store (, a quilt shop ( and another quilt shop ( It was a great day. I was such a good girl, I bought patterns and buttons, but NO fabric or yarn!!! I am so proud of me!!! ;-)

I have finished the first half of my Interlacements Beaded Scarf. I have started the other side, but this is a good project for B&N on Friday's. It is just knit 5 and slide a bead. Most days I can count to 5 and talk or listen at the same time.

I have gotten about 8" of the HF Studio sweater done. I am so disguested with it!!! I thought I could be happy with it this time. This will be the 3rd time it has been ripped out. But I can't so out it goes again. But in the mean time it is going to live in the frog pond for a while. I don't think I can start it again right now. Now for a question: Since I have relegated it to the frog pond and decided not to work on it for a while, so a change the start date on my year to date accomplishements list???

Running: What is that???? ;-) I have to do better.

Chat later

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Anna said...

I'm trying to find an online source for the Interlacements scarf kit & I'm also trying to find the finished measurements for the scarf. The pics I have seen look beautiful!