Friday, February 2, 2007


Today was Groundhogs Day. Based on the weather at my house it should be an early Spring. That would be nice, I haven't gotten outside for a run in a week. I have been Nordictracking. It is good exercise, but just not the same. Hopefully we really will have an early Spring, but next week doesn't show any signs of it. They are calling for snow at least one day and the coldest week all season, so far.

I failed to do a end of January update on my "Yarn Diet". I have managed to follow my rules, so far. I did buy the yarn for the Sheep Shawl, but it is a KAL which is a class, right? And besides, it was only $9 so I was quite conservative!!!!

Finished "Holly" by Jude Deveraux. It was very good, so when you need a mindless book, grab this one. No thought required!!!

Reservations are made for Hawaii. I am so excited. Now I just have to figure out where I want to go while I am there. And of course, what project I am taking to work on!!! That is way more important than what clothes to wear!!! ;-) But is has to be small so I can pack it.

The Sheep Shawl is coming along nicely. I hope to finish up to the sheep tonight. Then I will only have sheep, grass and edging to do. My goal is to finish it before I go on the trip so I can start the Civil War Shawl when I get back. That KAL is starting in March.

I have my February socks started for SAM-3. So need to finish before I leave so I can post a picture by the deadline. I can start my March socks on the trip.

Meet with the Barnes & Nobles group today. We had fun as usual. Two of them are working on the October Coat, since I wore mine last week. Two are working on the Sheep Shawl and two are talking about it (go ahead and cast on Linda!!!). Not our best day. The cappacino machine was broken so no frothed drinks, bummer!!!! ;-(

Well back to Sheep Shawl.
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Linda said...

The casting on of sheep may commence soon.

I do want to finish my cardigan. Sleeves are done so now it's just the rest of the body and button bands.

This part time job is getting in the way of my knitting time!