Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year!!!

This is really the final FO post for 2008, but as usual, I am running late.

This is my February Lady's Sweater, I haven't worn it yet, but just trying it on, I love it. Fits well and feels good. The detail doesn't show well, but it is nice.

It is knit in Elsebeth Lavold Angora. No pattern modifications. It is a free internet pattern. I feel sure I will knit this pattern again. It was fun to knit and it fits and feels good.

Here is an attempt at showing the detail of the February's Ladies Sweater.

This is another Interlacements Beaded Scarf. Used Chewy Spaghetti Sock Yarn. This are fun to knit, and as I have said, with all the beads on them, you can use them as a weapon if needed.

This is a Making Waves scarf from Lisa Souza (she didn't do the pattern, but I got it from her website). I used Knit Cinema sock club yarn. It was a quick knit, but not what I wanted. On the Knitmore Girls website, they had a scarf/collar that I loved. It went almost to her waist and was wide and full. I e-mailed and asked what the pattern was. This is what she said, but I don't think this is it. So, of course, I have ordered the other two patterns on the website, to try them. Still very cute, just not what I wanted.

I finished the Monster of Florence. I think I liked the second part of the book more than the first. The first half is about the crimes. The second half is the reporter and writer that were investigating it. They ended up being questioned in the murders. Not a top ten book, but I enjoyed it very much.

I also read The Choice, by Nicolas Sparks. It is classic NS romance, with a twist. I like his light fare after something heavy.

Not even talking about eating and exercise!!! So don't ask.

Family and puppies had a great Christmas. I started getting sick Christmas night. I have had a cold ever since. I am not sure my ears are ever going to be "unclogged" again. ;-(

New Years was quiet. I was sleep by 9:30PM. That is what I do when I am sleep. I try to sleep 24/7.

Chat later

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The scarf we posed in is the "On The Vine".