Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Things are returning to somewhat normal, slowly. Chelsea seems to be grieving. She sat out on the deck, in the rain, quite a bit yesterday. This is not her norm, she is a pris who doesn't like her feet wet. She is also taking over all of Chad's favorite spots. Mack is Mack, he has always, and continues to just roll with the punches. He is made of velcro, but other than that...

Nervous energy works wonders. I have prepped all 13 blocks of the Baltimore Halloween quilt. I got the kit early last week. It is so cute. Lots of ghosts, black cats and spiders. So all I have to do is stitch. I have gotten one and one half of the borders of the Charming Leaves quilt done, so only 1 and 1/2 to go. I want to finish those before I start stitching on Baltimore Halloween.

I am working on book 4 of the year. I was so pleased with reading 59 books last year. Then I read someones blog and they had read 203!!! How do you read 203 books in a year unless they are kiddie books??? I seem like such an amateur!!!

I finished my Sitcom Chic sweater, I'll take some pictures (haven't really felt like taking pictures this last week) once it is blocked. No other knitting to report.

Books so far this year.

A Pedigree to Die for and Underdog, by Laurien Berenson, this is a series of Dog Show murders mysteries. They are really cute. And the dogs don't get hurt, they help solve the mysteries. Good light fluffy mystery. I read book 3 on the beach last summer, not realizing it was a series. Now I have gone back and read books 1 and 2. There are something like 14 in the series so far. I will keep reading. Not sure I will do all 14, they will probably get very repetitive. I usually find that in these series books this year.

Then I read The Man from Oakdale. This is based on the soap opera, As the World Turns. It is very cartoonish. I didn't expect anything deep, but the books makes the soap look quite deep and serious!!!

Now I am reading Cat and Mouse by James Patterson. This is good. Took a while to get into it, but I am fully engrossed now!!! It is an Alex Cross book. It is an old one, I read it when it first came out in like '96, but don't remember it!!! Maybe I should keep my books are recycle them through my reading list. I could save a lot of money that way!!! ;-)

I have been on a light and fluffy reading binge. I am planning to read some more serious stuff, but life has been too serious recently. I will get there. I am thinking of reading a biography of each of the presidents. This will be a several year project, since they seem to be long!!! I have also bought the 2 book series, The President's House. It is how the White House has evolved since it was conceived by George Washington. It is two books, like 700 pages each. So see, there is some serious reading in my future.

I have also been walking pretty consistantly so far this year. Eating has been pretty good.

I promise pictures next time.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Chad (on the left)
July 31, 1999 - January 12, 2009
I found out Friday the his kidney's were failing. Yesterday, he laid down in a sunny spot on the deck and died. When I found him, his sister (real littermate, on the right) was sitting with him. It was very sweet, that she continued to look after him. She has always mothered him, since they were babies. He was my kissy, lovey boy. No more Chad kisses.
Please, everyone take you pets to have their bloodwork. I took them all last March and his bloodwork showed that his kidney's were fine. When I went on Friday, his kidney's had failed by over 75%. The vet said they masked all signs until their blood was so toxic that their stomachs were upset and they wouldn't eat.
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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Thanks Jasmin for the really quite comment on my 1/2/09 post.

The scarf she is wearing that I was looking for is "On the Vine". The ravelry link is Jasmin is the one with the pink hair!! ;-)

For anyone who hasn't listened to the Knitmore Girls podcast, you should. It is a great banter between Mom and Daughter (Jasmin). They always sound like they are having such a good time, you have a good time listening. They are available at iTunes!!!

Look this is 4 posts in 3 days!!!! Does that help my goal of posting more regularly?? Don't get used to it!!!

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Off to order my On the Vine pattern, hopefully there is stash yarn to knit it out of!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Goals for 2009

I don't like making resolutions. In my case, they are usually negative in nature. Things I am going to STOP doing. I prefer to set goals. Things I am GOING to do. I seem to do better with the positives. So for 2009, here are my goals.

As some of you may recall, I started this blog to try to keep me in line with a "fiber diet" 2 years ago. Well, we all know how that worked out, NOT!!!

Goals for 2009 (I am trying to be realistic)


Get and keep it under better control. Better, because I know I won't be perfect.


Get and keep it more regular and productive. Some things I plan to try are the:
  • 100 push-up plan
  • walking, possibily back to running
  • back to weight training


Finish the tops for:

  • Charming Leaves - 3 borders left
  • Dear Jane borders
  • Expressions of Morris
  • Baltimore Halloween (this is my new project)

Make friends with the long arm quilting machine again!!!


Do some, maybe take a class or two


Finish the WIP left over from 2008

Do as many projects as I can

Work mostly from my stash!!! Notice I said MOSTLY!!!


Read at least 52 books again this year. Some of them need to be "worthwhile", not just escapist fiction.

That should keep me busy!!!

I plan to do a monthly update on how the various goals are coming. So that means I have to blog more consistantly too!!!! So I guess that is another goal!! ;-)

Happy New Year

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2008 Final Report


27 Finished Projects

8 Sweaters
6 Pair of Socks
8 Scarves
3 Afghans
1 Skirt
1 Wash clothe

There are 5 WIP left. 2 are left over from 2007 (maybe I should just frog them!!!)
1 from mid 2008 (there is still hope)
2 from the last week of the year (one is already half done)


Expression of Morris - 3 blocks completed
Nature's Chorus - 7 blocks completed
Dear Jane - center blocks completed (84 made in 2008)
Charming Leaves - 25 center blocks and one border completed

Beading/Cross Stitch

1 Peyote Stitch Flag Bracelet
4 Beaded Cross Stitch ornaments


I had a goal of 52 books. I read 60, really 59, not sure that Franklin Habit's cartoon book really qualifies. They averages 332 pages each.


First half of the year I did great. Then life got in the way and it came almost to a halt. Food was not at it's best all year. In spurts I would do well, but overall, I am not pleased.

Overall a very productive year. Goals for 2009 to follow.

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Happy New Year!!!

This is really the final FO post for 2008, but as usual, I am running late.

This is my February Lady's Sweater, I haven't worn it yet, but just trying it on, I love it. Fits well and feels good. The detail doesn't show well, but it is nice.

It is knit in Elsebeth Lavold Angora. No pattern modifications. It is a free internet pattern. I feel sure I will knit this pattern again. It was fun to knit and it fits and feels good.

Here is an attempt at showing the detail of the February's Ladies Sweater.

This is another Interlacements Beaded Scarf. Used Chewy Spaghetti Sock Yarn. This are fun to knit, and as I have said, with all the beads on them, you can use them as a weapon if needed.

This is a Making Waves scarf from Lisa Souza (she didn't do the pattern, but I got it from her website). I used Knit Cinema sock club yarn. It was a quick knit, but not what I wanted. On the Knitmore Girls website, they had a scarf/collar that I loved. It went almost to her waist and was wide and full. I e-mailed and asked what the pattern was. This is what she said, but I don't think this is it. So, of course, I have ordered the other two patterns on the website, to try them. Still very cute, just not what I wanted.

I finished the Monster of Florence. I think I liked the second part of the book more than the first. The first half is about the crimes. The second half is the reporter and writer that were investigating it. They ended up being questioned in the murders. Not a top ten book, but I enjoyed it very much.

I also read The Choice, by Nicolas Sparks. It is classic NS romance, with a twist. I like his light fare after something heavy.

Not even talking about eating and exercise!!! So don't ask.

Family and puppies had a great Christmas. I started getting sick Christmas night. I have had a cold ever since. I am not sure my ears are ever going to be "unclogged" again. ;-(

New Years was quiet. I was sleep by 9:30PM. That is what I do when I am sleep. I try to sleep 24/7.

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