Thursday, January 31, 2008


We had a great weekend at the Outer Banks. It was COLD!!! But we were inside anyway so that really didn't matter. We were fairly productive, sometimes we aren't.

I finished my Ribbi Cardi. The blue is Mission Falls, the green is Ellen Cooper. Love both yarns. We will see how the turtleneck does with the mohair in it once I wear it.

I finished my Panda Scarf. It is SO CUTE. It is a kit from Morehouse Farms. It is a quick, fun knit. I was asked who I was knitting it for. I have but one answer, ME!!!

This is one of the bird blocks from Expressions of Morris. It still needs a little bit of embroidery, but is substantially finished. I appliqued most of the weekend. It was fun for a change. This is block 3 of this quilt finished.

This is Tulip Treat from Nature's Chorus. This quilt has been in the works for at least 6 years. Maybe I will finish it one day!!! I think this is block 21 of 49. Of course there is a border, too.

Not much on the reading or exercise front. But I did lose 2 lbs over the weekend, not sure how unless it was shivering!!!! ;-)
I was BAD on the yarn and fabric purchase front!!! TWO, not ONE background (at 10 yards a piece) for Ladies of the Sea, plus yarn for another sweater, and another pair of socks, plus some more patterns and shawl pins. I did need the shawl pins though. And they aren't fiber!!

Of course, we have to have the cute puppy picture. I called the dogs to give them a bath. They had been needing it but it had been so cold I didn't want to. So we had a warm day, so I tortured them. The two boys jumped in the tub. I had to go get the girl. I washed both boys at the same time. It worked fine until they were ready to get out. I dried one of them slightly, the other one took off like a shot, DRIPPING WET!!! What a mess. But at least they are all clean.
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