Monday, January 14, 2008


Autumn Rose isn't looking like much yet. I think every night I will finish the knitting and can move on to the finishing. BUT, I just keep knitting!!! Sometimes it makes my head want to explode. Then I think about all the ends I have to weave in!!!! ;-( But it will be gorgeous once it is finished.

I have been without a vehicle since last Tuesday night. It has been wonderful. I have gotten so many things done that I wouldn't have done if I had wheels. I told husband unit I wanted him to take the truck away from me one week a month, just so I can get some stuff done. I never seem to get anything done!!!

I have even exercised five days in a row!!! See, not having wheels is a good thing!!!

I finally joined the QuiltShow online. Alex Anderson and Ricky Timms online show. It is good. They are about 1 hour each. There are 13 shows in each series. I bought series one and two. I have watched the first 4 of series one. I sit at the computer and knit. I am practicing knitting without looking!!! So I am multi-tasking. Learning about quilting while practicing knitting. Now if I could figure out how to read at the same time!!! Also, the QuiltShow has a new BOM starting this month. It is free if you are a member. It is designed by Sue Garman who does a lot of the Quakertown Quilts.

Fiber purchases have been pretty good this week. I ordered one skein of yarn I need to finish a fair isle sweater. Since I had the rest, I defined this as a NEED, not a want!!! I ordered the Christmas Memories quilt pattern, but that isn't fiber!!! The bad purchase was the new Panda scarf from Morehouse Farms. It was just TOO CUTE to pass up.

On the reading front, I am still on the same book. I really do need to go to the beach so I can read!!

I have to finish with one dirty dog picture. Look at the leaf parts all in his face hair. He just can't stand to be clean!!!

Chat later

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Suzanne B said...

Wow!! So far it looks great!