Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Two more blocks of Natures Chorus are done. That means 24 of 49 are done. These blocks really do go fast. I am enjoying making progress on this quilt. Haven't worked on Expressions of Morris or Dear Jane at all this week.

The only knitting I have done is while riding in the car, at Barnes & Noble, and to get the heel turned, since I like to do that while not in public. I like public knitting to be completely mindless and heel turning requires a little counting.

Reading is still plodding along with Murder in the Heartland. It is a really good book, I just haven't made the time to sit and read except for the few minutes each night when I get in bed. Some nights that will only be a page before I call asleep.

I did commit myself to the Rock n Roll Half Marathon held August 31st. There are 4 of us that are planning to WALK it. Hopefully it will help all of us stay motivated to do our exercise!!! I bumped up the treadmill time starting yesterday. With this commitment made, I can't afford to slack off. The hard time will be if I spend as much time at Nags Head this summer. I find it harder to workout while on vacation. No slacking this year!!!

Not much else to report. It has been a quiet catching up kind of week. I also have to get the tax info together so we can get those done. This will be the last year of the business, so next year taxes will be SO MUCH EASIER. I can go back to doing them myself.

No cute dog pictures this week. They are just sleeping like lazy lumps!!!

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