Monday, January 7, 2008


Well today is the first day of my hard core, get back to REGULAR exercise instead of this hit or miss mode I have been in. Of course, am I walking or running??? NO, I am blogging!!! ;-) I have got to quit procrastinating and get with it.

Had a great Birthday dinner with my family. Thanks everyone who sent their best wishes.

I got five more blocks made for Dear Jane yesterday. That gets me to 85 of the 169 blocks, so I am officially over half done on the center blocks, not the border, but a whole 1/2 block!!! They really are fun to work on. Most of them you can do in way less than an hour. Some seem to take forever. Didn't this lady know what a pain inset seams are?!?!

Prepped 6 applique blocks for Nature's Chorus, so now I just have to work on them. No progress on the William Morris quilt.

I have the body and one sleeve done up to the join on Autumn Rose. I really want to get that done to wear at the quilting retreat the end of the month, but it is one of those projects you can only work on so long at a time.

Got the Doctor Bag blocked, now I just have to put it together. It is from the book Knit 2 Together. I read the "put together" instructions yesterday. I think we may do this "my way" intead of "their way" What a pain those instructions are!!!

I am test knitting Annie Modesitt's upcoming pattern, ASSUMING I can find some yarn in my stash to do it with. I am going to try to be good with this no buying thing this year. The stash is really ridiculous. This requires a worsted and sport weight that work together. This will be fun once I figure out this yarn thing.

Fiber Cut-Back Report
No fiber purchases this week. That means I am earning dollars to spend, but not spending (see 12/31/07 post).

Reading Glenn Beck's book An Inconvenient Book. Whether you agree with him or not, it is funny. He deals with the issues of the world and how he would fix them. Everything from marriage to global warming!! My first book of the year. I want to read more this year.

If someone figures out how to get more time in a day, week, month, please let me know. I want to quilt more, knit more, read more, and exercise more in 2008. Where do I think this time is coming from???

Well off to exercise!! I have procrastinated as long as I can
Chat later

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