Monday, December 31, 2007

12/31/07 Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

It is time for the look back at the past year and look forward to the new one!!

I have set the comments to moderated since the spammers have found me!!! ;-( So if you comment and it doesn't show up immediately, that is why. I hate that I have to do that, but don't want all the junk that is showing up. I made it a year without any spam, now it is a daily thing.

I have spent the last two days UNdecorating for Christmas. I have it all done, except the vacuuming and floor cleaning, but it was pouring down rain yesterday, and with 3 dogs, a doggie door, and rain, that would have been wasted effort yesterday. Maybe today. My calf muscles are so sore I can hardly walk. Must be from standing on my toes undecorating (since I am vertically challenged).

Anyway, report on 2007!!

Family is all ending the year in reasonably good shape. As my Father says "He is in good shape, for the shape he is in!!"

WEIGHTLOSS/EXERCISE: Need to get back on the wagon for eating and exercise. I have been very slack since Thanksgiving. I seem to think this is a "free" time of year!!! Luckily, I haven't gained any weight. I am at the point after my gastric bypass surgery, that most people start to gain some of their weight back. I don't want to be "most people", so have to really get to work. No more excuses.

FIBER DIET: I started the year on a Fiber Diet (no yarn or fabric). I did well for about 6 months, then all hell broke loose and I made up for lost time. I am going to try this again this year, but with some changes. I am going to try to award myself with $1 per day, for everyday I DON'T by fiber. I may spend this accumulated funding on fiber. That way I can still spend, but it is limited. Let's see how this works. I have really reached SABLE (stash beyond life expectancy) for both fabric and yarn.

QUILTING: Haven't done as much quilting in 2007. I did:
Piece two quicky quilt tops
Hand appliqued 2 1/2 blocks of the Expressions of Morris quilt
Made 80-blocks for Dear Jane.
Guess that really isn't bad. For 2008, I am going to continue on Morris and DJ, also am resurrecting Nature's Chorus and work on that. There is also a Ship quilt over on Quakertown Quilts, that is calling my name!!!! We will see, see earlier comment about Fiber Diet, but a pattern isn't fiber, right??? See I am already justifying my purchases!! All in ONE post.

KNITTING/CROCHETING: Have spent a lot of time in this category!!!
2007 Statitics:
10 Sweaters
8 Pairs of Socks
1 Scarf
2 Skirts
4 Shawls
1 Pair of gloves
7 projects remaining unfinished!!! Need to get this number down, but that are still all active!!

TRAVEL: I averaged at least one trip per month all year. It was great. I may stay home a little more this year. Who knows!?!?! My puppies like me home. They turn into velcro when I am gone as much as I have been gone this year.

READING: Didn't track the number of books I read, maybe I will do that for 2008. But I read a fair amount.
Hope everyone had a good a year as I did.

Happy 2008!!!
Chat later

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Today is my one year blogaversity. I didn't know that, I just happened to look and see how many times I had posted this year and discovered that today is the day. I have posted 57 times. So T. that is over once a week on average, which is what my initial plan was.

I finished my Halloween socks. Isn't December 15th a good time to finish my Halloween socks? They are Lorna's Laces, just a 3-1 rib that continues down the foot top and bottom. I like the wide rib on the bottom. It makes the socks fit snugly but isn't enough to cause discomfort.

I started a pair of toe up 3-1 ribs for my purse socks. And Autumn Rose for my at home, have time to concentrate project, now I need an at home mind-less project. Autumn Rose needs a lot of attention. (

I have been to New York City. This was a very nice trip. I really don't like NYC, but the Christmas decorations are gorgeous. We saw the Rockettes Christmas Show, this is almost worth the trip by itself. It was awesome!! Also, Hairspray. It was hysterical. Much better than the movie!!! We did a little shopping in the Diamond District, if it passes its appraisal we will talk about that later. And went to Chinatown and went to the secret back room to buy the designer purse knockoffs for $30 or less. Thought I was going to have to buy another suitcase to get home, but I made it.

Then, 30 hours after getting home, I left for Washington, DC. Toured the White House with the Christmas decorations. They are gorgeous. Looked out the window while in the Blue Room and saw the President playing ball with Miss Beasley. Of course, since I like dogs better than people, I was more excited by Miss Beasley. The Secret Service guy said the Barney was upstairs sleep!!! So I didn't get to see him. We toured a lot of the monuments and some of the Smithsonian. It was a fun weekend.

Between the two trips, I have walked about 1,000 miles. But at least I can do it. Two years ago I couldn't. I had my Gastric Bypass Surgery on December 13th. I have lost 125 lbs and have stayed fairly stable there. It is one of the best things I have ever done. I would never have been able to do that much walking.

Carried my book on both trips with me. Never read a page. I haven't finished a book in months. I need to get back to my reading.

Still have to wrap packages and do some cooking. Not to mention FINISH some Christmas presents. Friday I am taking my Mother to visit her sister in North Carolina. Just for the day. Hopefully I can get the Christmas stuff finished before I go, except for the cooking. I would like to have the weekend to enjoy, not have to work myself to death right up to the big event.

Of course, we have to have the cute dog picture.

This is the boy's napping in the chair. Chelsea was still upstairs in bed. She requires more sleep than the boys.

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Chat later

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I just finished going through my Bloglines. Enjoying all the snow pictures. I want us to have some snow. Preferably enough that everyone gets to stay home from work and school to play in it. I don't want folks in danger on the streets. We haven't had a decent snow in several years. What better day then one with it snowing like crazy outside, a fire in the fireplace and your knitting/quilting/good book (pick your favorite vice) in your hands?

Trying to start packing for NYC. It is tough. We are limited to one suitcase and one carryon. Of course we have like 18 hours on the bus between the there and back. So I need some entertainment, but it has to be small. I hope to sleep on the way up, since we leave at midnight. But on they way home we leave at like 3PM, so I will need lots of entertainment. Notice I don't think clothes are an issue, just entertainment!!! Have to have knitting, a book, the iPod.....

Chat later.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Back from Applique by the Bay in Lewes, DE. Had a ball again this year. It is so relaxing and fun. Three of us left at 8AM on Wedsnesday. Drove to Bethany Beach, DE where we stopped at Sea Needles. Jam packed shop with knitting, cross stitch and needlepoint. Of course there was some stash enhancement!!!

Then lunch at the Cottage Cafe in Bethany. Second year we have stopped there. Really good food.

Then to Knitty Gritty in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Small but very nice shop. More stash enhancement ensued. I drop in once a year and the owner recognizes me. She even recognized me on the street a couple of days later in Lewes!!! That's impressive. Not like I am one of her regular customers.

Then to Mare's Bears to check in and get ready for a weekend of applique. The motel is closed so the quilters are the only ones there. We sit around in our jammies at night and stitch or knit. Of course, there are several fabulous restaurants within walking distance. What more can you ask for.

Thursday I took a one day class from Nancy Kerns. She is big into Baltimore Album quilts. I enjoyed her talking about the history of the quilts a great deal. I found her applique method to be somewhat cumbersome, but still enjoyed the class. I won't finish the block from that class, but I knew that going in. I took it for the technique, the pattern is to old fashioned for me. I like more modern designs.

Thursday night is the Holiday Open House for the merchants on Second Street. It is so much fun. All the shops are open, serving refreshments, singing in the street. I look forward to it each year.

Friday through Sunday, I took the orchid class (picture above) from Jane Townewick. I have taken classes from her the last 5 years. I just love her designs and methods. Don't be too impressed. The pieces of the flowers are pinned down, not appliqued. I am trying to decide whether I want to leave it on the dark background or put it on a light one.

Saturday night was the Holiday parade. Great small town parade. Had so much fun watching it. Hope nothing bad happened in town while the parade was on, because I think all the emergency response vehicles were in the parade.

Already looking forward to next years Applique by the Bay.

Now I am home getting unpacked and clothes washed so I can I can pack for New York. I leave Sunday at midnight, on a bus. Hope I can get some sleep on the way. It will be fun once we get there, but I am dreading the bus ride. We have tickets to Radio City Rockettes and Hairspray. Now that the strike is over, we will get to see them both. Need to get a pair of basic plain socks started to knit on the bus in case I can't sleep.

I have cancelled/let run out most of my sock of the months in hope of using up some of the yarn. I bet I haven't used 5% of the yarn I have gotten this year from these som's. I just love getting the squishy packages!!!

I am also working on the cross-stitch Christmas ornaments for my nephews, but can't post a picture in case they have found my blog.

Not getting much reading done. I do more in a week at the beach than I do in six months at home. I now have a porch swing at home, but don't have the correct weather right now. Will enjoy it in the Spring.

Boy dogs really know how to get comfortable!!! The girl dog is still upstairs in bed, so don't think she is not comfortable too. She has to sleep late. She usually has breakfast about noon. Life is tough when you are a Princess.

Chat later