Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This post was supposed to have been on Friday, but my spousal-unit decided to take a couple of days off. He really does cramp my style!!! ;-) Just kidding, but it does change the way I do things.

This is Chelsea after her groomer time. She is not much on pictures, so this isn't the best of her, but the best she would do for me. She says she is old and doesn't want her picture taken!!!

Have I mentioned that one of Cory's favorite past times is watching TV!!! Especially when there are animals, cartoons or sirens on. Please ignore my messy chair full of projects!!! ;-)

Cory's new hated thing is the shredder!!! He even attacks it when it isn't running. I finally had to close the door to the office to keep him from attacking and pestering it. It just sits there and ignores him!! ;-)

This is my latest e-bay purchase. Isn't it adorable? It is hand painted by Cherry O'Neill. She sells under Tail End Productions. She has many dog breeds that she does. She also had stuff on Cafe Press with her pictures on it. After I got this and loved it so much, I ordered a sweatshirt with a scotty and a westie on it.

This is my latest "up-cycling" thing. It is the leg of jeans with a liner in it to make a basket. The medium and large are westie fabric. Not sure what will go in them, but they were fun to do.

I have finished Night Circus. It was very enjoyable, but for me it didn't live up to all the 5 of 5 ratings that it has gotten on the web. Of course, this type of fantasy book, is not my top favorite genre either, so that plays into it.

I have also read The Valise in the Attic. This is a cozy mystery. It is a series of books, I think this is #12, from Annie's Attic, the craft company. All the books revolve around Annie and things she finds in her grandmother's attic. Each has a story to tell. He craft group from her small town in Maine help solve the mysteries. They are a little like cotton candy. Quick, sweet and enjoyable.

I finished listening to Naughty in Nice. It is the latest in the Her Royal Spyness series. They are great fun. They are set in 1930's England. Georgie is 34th in line to the throne, and flat broke. They are very funny. They are cozy murder mysteries. I especially enjoyed the voices of the reader on the audio versions. I got them a couple of months ago on sale from Audible.

I still haven't done my reading challenge update, but when I started sorting my books for the year's reads, I decided I had bitten off more than I could chew!!! Seems every book I had planned to read was over 500, most of the over 800. So I am rethinking my list!!!

I have been looking at the Tagg GPS for dog collars. Anybody know anything about them?

Chat later

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SissySees said...

Chelsea is a cutie, even if she doesn't want her picture taken. Slip her a treat and tell her Auntie Chan says thank you!

Funny... our bone-shaped puzzle is in about the same place, just off from the front of the TV.

Love those buckets. So cute!! Let us know how you use them.