Monday, January 9, 2012


Ok, I said there would probably not be a lot of Chelsea stories!! She must have read that post!!

On Saturday, I missed her. Hadn't seen her for a couple of hours. I looked for her. Couldn't find her. I was starting to get panic-y given her age. My husband finally said, didn't you go to your sewing room??? It is the room over the garage and I keep the door closed to keep Cory out. WELL, she had been locked up there for hours. She never made a sound. She was probably excited to get a peaceful nap, without Cory to torture her!!!

Next, we are changing food. Neither dog was eating their dog food, so I decided it was time to change. Chelsea's tummy is not dealing with it well. That is an understatement!!! I won't be more graphic, but it took half the day to scrub the carpet!!!

Today is groomer day. She comes to us. Cory is already back from the "spa". He is very stress by the fact the Chelsea is out in the van now. I don't know that it is so much that he misses her, but he doesn't want her to get any attention that he thinks he should get!!! Doesn't he look handsome after his grooming???
I finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. It is my least favorite of the 3 books. Still very good, but more of a legal thriller, than the adrenaline rush that the end of book 1 and all of book 2 are. All three books are well worth the read. I plan to watch the Swedish version of Hornet today. Husband unit has to work late, so it gives me plenty of time to watch it.
I started The Night Circus last night. I have only read 20 pages, so no review yet.
I am listening to the Her Royal Spyness series. It is a funny cozy mystery series. The heroine is 34th in line for the British throne. It takes place in the 1930's. The Queen is very worried about David and his lady friend Wallis. I got them during an Audible sale a couple of months ago. They are fun reads. I am now on the last one Naughty in Nice.
What have you read lately, that I NEED to read?
Still knitting on the ruffle of the Shopping Shawl. I have decided I need at least 30 rows instead of 20. ;-( But after working on it since May, I don't want to be unhappy with it because of a skimpy ruffle.
I still owe a post of my reading goals for 2012, but that can be another day.
Chat later


SissySees said...

Poor Chelsea. Snuck out for some alone time with you and got locked in the man house for it!! ;)

HIMSELF does look quite dapper. Do we get an after shot of Chelsea too?

I'm not reading squat, but I have these wine cozies I'm going to start tonight... finally!!

flyingbeader said...

I'm sure that Chelsea enjoyed the quiet nap time. Fiona loves it when the other two are gone & she can just sleep sleep & sleep some more, get up to go out, eat a snack, and sleep some more.

Susan said...

No Chelsea picture yet. She is hard to take a picture of because she is black. I have to have really good light and yesterday was so overcasts, I didn't have it. I will try to get one today. She looks purdy, so she needs a portrait.

Chelsea and Cory seem to hate each other, but when they get back together, they act like they have missed each other terribly. They are funny little critters!!! ;-)