Monday, March 2, 2009

End of February Goals Update

Doing a little better, but this goal of eating better still needs a lot of work. Life has been crazy so it gives me a lame excuse for snacking.

I have been being fairly consistant in my walking on the treadmill. Being able to read while I walk really helps because it allows me to work on 2 goals all at the same time. I have even been told that it does more good if you are exercising your body and your brain at the same time.

Charming Leaves - top completed

Dear Jane Border - I have a whopping ONE triangle done. At this rate it will take about 5 years!!

Expressing of Morris - haven't touched

Baltimore Halloween - Center block and 5 side blocks done, so good progress here since I didn't start it until the last weekend in January.

Took the Beaded Button class. Signed up for 2 more classes in March.

Just a knitted cap for my nephew, been to busy working on Balitmore Halloween

10.5 of the 52 books read. I have only read half of Liberal Fascism, but it is very serious and I needed a break. I will get back to it. But am very much on track for this goal. I have to find some books I want to read that are less than 1,000 pages. They are hard to read in a week, for me anyway.

Well, I am pleased with progress. I just need to keep it up.

Chat later

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