Monday, March 2, 2009


YIPPEE We finally got snow. A whole INCH!!! The area is shut down. The schools are closed, my vet is even closed, I tried to reschedule an appointment. But the yard looks pretty!!!
Here is side block 4 of the Baltimore Halloween. Still need to do all the embroidery, but I'll do that all before I put the blocks together.

And side block 5....

Here is my handknit sock drawer!!

And my handknit sock dirty clothes basket. I haven't ever counted how many pairs I have, but here they are.

I finished Inkspell. It isn't as good as Inkheart, but very readable. I have started Inkdeath. That will finish the trilogy. It is, overall, very good. It is a book about booklovers, so I feel at home in this world.
Mack's girlfriend Annie, is doing much better. Hopefully this trend continues. Keep praying for her. If you need to catch up on her story, check out (

Annie probably never has a nose that looks like this. She is a prissy little girl who wears dresses. But Mack has been out in the snow digging. Check the mud caked on his snow white fur.

And then there are his toes!!!!!!!!!!
Off to enjoy the snowfall.
Chat later

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Lynn said...

Your blocks look great! How do you do your hand applique? Back basting?