Saturday, August 9, 2008


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Kindle. After holding an almost 800 page hard cover book, now holding the lightweight Kindle is so much nicer!!!! I have almost finished Lady Killer. It isn't as good as the other Lisa Scottoline that I read, but still very good. I will continue to read her books.

I leave for the Outer Banks on Weds (hopefully). Not sure if I will take the Kindle or a real book for beach reading. I can just put the Kindle in a ziplock bag, but I am not sure I am comfortable, just sticking it in my bag and going for a walk!?!?! Not sure I really want to hold a real book, though, is that lazy or what!?!?! ;-)

I know I said I was doing UFO's in July and August, but I started a quick V-neck tank. Hopefully I can finish it to wear at the beach. But I have to quit reading long enough to do it. OR practice doing both at the same time.

Chat later

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