Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Rosalin Fair Isle Hoodie is coming along nicely. I am working on the shoulders then I just have to knit the hood. This pattern is well written and knits up smoothly. Even if you have never done Fair Isle, this is a good project.

My Ribby Pulli that I finished a couple of weeks ago, with a turtleneck, I have decided to frog the turtleneck and knit the hood. I don't like the worsted weight T-neck on my body. So guess that one isn't really finished, OR does it count at TWO finished projects since I finished it twice???

We finished Basketball season with my nephews this week. I also finished my mindless project. This is a scarf knit in the round out of the Skacel 1776 sock yarn. Now I need another completely mindless project since baseball season starts April 1st. Any suggestions?

Training is coming fairly well for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon (walking it), but I had to slow down this week. My hips were hurting a lot. So I have slowed down to a more leisurely pace, that has helped a lot, BUT, I can't finish within the 4 hour time limit at my current speed, so hopefully I can speed back up soon.

My nephew wants to do a 25 mile bike ride in September after the walk in August!!! So as soon as he gets out of school, I will be training for that too!!! I won't be able to walk most days. But I should be in good shape!!!

I got two Dear Jane blocks done this week, but didn't get a picture of them yet. I will put them in once I have a few more done.

No applique this week.

I went to the Mid Atlantic Quilt show last week. I was VERY unimpressed. There were not nearly as many quilts and only a handful were hand done. Most were art quilts, which really aren't my cup of tea. Even the vendors were a disappointment. There wasn't anything new. Every thing is just a "retread" of a couple of years ago. Booths had patterns that I know are 8 years old. I already have those. I go to a show to get new stuff!!! Anyway, I may never go back, which is bad since it is one of the largest shows on the East Coast and I only live 25 minutes from the venue, but why pay $12 to get in to see old stuff and quilts I am not crazy about? I would love to hear what others thought. Was it just me??

Saturday I went to Nags Head to the musical theater to see an Elvis impersonator. It was fun. Took my parents and my aunt and uncle. We had a really good day, except... Daddy came down with the flu on Monday, so now I am sure we will all have it. He had the flu shot, but it doesnt' seem to have helped. With each sneeze, cough, or twinge, I am sure I am next. Wish me luck.

Boys are snoozing in their chair. The sleep all night, each breakfast and go get in their chair. What a life?

And when it rains, Macklin really likes to dig in the mud, notice the "white" paws. That is what I call "terrior toes", he also has "terrior nose", but it is hard to see in this picture.

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