Friday, January 6, 2012


This is Chelsea with Cory. Chelsea is the 12 1/2 yr old Scottie. You won't hear many funny stories about her, because she is old and sleepy!!! ;-) She sleeps, eats, and fusses with Cory. She, like myself, haven't given up on making him behave!!! We just haven't convinced him yet!!

But then there is Cory!! I would have no entertainment in my life without him!!! Took him to PetSmart the other day. I was buying up some of the Christmas treats that they had on sale 75% off. So he was in the basket with a pile of treats!! We got to the checkout and I was putting things on the conveyor!!! He jumped out of the basket and up on the conveyor and proceeded to just walk along like he was on the treadmill!!! The lady checking me out was laughing so hard, she was bent double!!! They do bring joy to our lives, don't they?

This is my stained glass masterpiece. I just love it. I have it on a timer, so it is on when I come down in the morning and it is still dark in the house except for my lamp!!! ;-) It brings me joy!! I have started a second one, but it is moving along very slowly!!!
I am still plugging along on Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. I haven't had time to sit down and really get into it. Hopefully shortly. Just a few more things to mark off the to do list, before I am allowed to read. Chores don't get done at all if I don't finish them before I start reading.
Chat later


SissySees said...

There's the grand ol' girl!! I just love those whiskered faces...

Now you can tell them all about the lastest passion. Or about the dogfood changes.

What a happy Friday with a second post for '12.

flyingbeader said...

Chelsea looks so cute. Kinda like my Fiona who is almost 12. Doesn't do much but when I have her sit next to me in the chair at nights before I go to work, we remember the old days filled with walks, hunting, and playing ball. Hate looking down at her blind eyes & how she's growing thinner now with old age, but I do love her much. Like you, I have the two younger ones to make me laugh...I could never take THEM to Petsmart...Frodo would pee on everything & Arwen would just bark.

Dorothy said...

Chelsea is looking good. Cory will help to keep her young.
Susan, your stained glass is fabulous! I'm not surprised it gives you so much pleasure.

Susan said...

Chelsea is a love, but poor thing, is so over shadowed by the "demon child" that she almost fades into the wood work, but pull out the ball or say go for a ride and she is ready!!

Cory stays in the cart to minimize the peeing on everything!!!