Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years Eve

Happy New Years Eve to everyone. I plan to sit home and knit/crochet tonight and watch the ball drop. I really hate to be out on the road on a night like this, and I can have a drink at home, if I choose.

Today was my last day to buy yarn, and I have resisted the urge. I haven't even gone on a buying spree in the last few days, so I am proud of myself.

I am still crocheting on my October Coat and have started a beaded scarf from Interlacements. Both are pretty mindless.

I didn't realize I would start such a stir on the Socknitters list. I got pretty funny. Folks talking about depriving themselves. I am in no way depriving myself!!! I guarantee it. I finally finished the inventory of my yarn yesterday. I have over 2,300 skeins of NON-sock yarn. I have enough sock yarn for OVER 100 pairs of socks. I didn't even find any yarn as I went through it that I didn't like anymore. Now if I could just knit with my toes, I might live long enough to get these all done!!!!

I have been very lazy with my running this last week. First I had a cold, now it is raining. I ordered an iPod Nano and the new Nike+ attachment. The Nike+ is here but no Nano yet. I have my regular iPod, but the Nike+ only works with the Nano. If you aren't familiar with it, it is a spiffy pedometer that tracks your workouts and gives you encouragment while you run. It is pretty neat because there are online groups that "run" together and set challenges for themselves and each other. I think this will be very motivational, if the Nano ever gets here. I had trouble with my regular iPod and had to send it back, so I wanted to get it directly from Apple, because they fixed the first problem so fast.

Happy New Years everyone. Stay safe tonight

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