Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, this is a no picture post, since I have finished NOTHING since my last post. Guess I posted too much at one time. I am working on 2 scarves. Guess I am feeling quick and easy!!!

I finished the two books I was reading and started the Great Crash 1929. It was written in the 1950's, but could have been written over the last year. That crash started with a real estate crisis too!!! Scary. We really do need to remember history better.

Tax Prep School is almost over. Just one more week. I have told them I am not working. The teacher is not very happy about that, but they pay so poorly it isn't worth my time. Besides with all that goes on in my life, when is there time for work???

I am off to the Outer Banks today to take my parents, my aunt and uncle (that own the house down there) and my aunt's sister to see the Christmas musical at the theater down there. It gives aunt/uncle a chance to check on the house, since neither of them drives anymore and nobody is going down this time of year. I usually go in October and November, but with school and moving my parent's this year, I haven't had time to go. Maybe after the first of the year.

Puppies are doing good. Chad seems to have a stomach virus, but he has always been my "throw-uppy" puppy. They escaped and went on walk about the other day. Luckily my neighbor saw them and played with them until I could get home and "trap" them back in the yard.

Off to the showers and the Outer Banks.

Chat later

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Sorry, I didn't have your email address attached to your comment on the podcast blog, but here's the link to the ruffly scarf pattern: